Izmir Airport Terminal: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

In general, each airport has several different terminals. Likewise, for one of the airports in Turkey, there is also an Izmir Airport terminal.

The terminals have different roles and services, such as Izmir Airport domestic departures and Izmir Airport international arrivals.

So, how many terminals are in Izmir Airport? You can find the answer in the following article.

Izmir Airport Terminals

The answer to your previous question is that Izmir airport has two terminals in the same building.

Izmir airport terminals serving domestic arrivals and departures are located on the left.

While the second terminal is on the right, which serves international arrivals and departures.

1. Izmir Airport Terminal 1 (International)

Izmir Airport Terminal 1 (International)
Izmir Airport Terminal 1 (International) / Pixabay

The first terminal serves international flights. Izmir can connect you with around 50 world tourist destinations.

Its position is quite strategic because it is connected to the airport train station and railway services.

The international terminal has two levels, namely the first level and the second level.

  • First Level, specifically for handling international arrivals and connected to the train station and domestic terminal.

The first level also has access to the 111-114 bus gates. Several international flight facilities at this level are passport control, currency exchange, lost and found, information desk, and so on.

  • Second Level, specifically handling Izmir Airport departures.

It has access to boarding gates 231-234 with facilities in the form of ATMs, information desks, check-in counters, ticket sales, smoking lounges, and so on.

Besides that, there are also food and retail conces sions that can make you comfortable.

While some of the services available at this international terminal are quite common.

They are toilets, help desks, free Wi-Fi, retail stores, lost property, and telephone services.

You can fulfill your needs with wheel-chair renting services, currency exchange, smoking area luggage wrapping, and baggage services.

You will also be spoiled with airport lounge facilities which are divided into several sections, namely:

  • VIP Lounge is in the international terminal and is open from the earliest to the last departure. You will get snacks, food, Wi-Fi, and others.
  • Primeclass lounge. The facilities are drinks, snacks, Wi-Fi, magazines, newspapers, and TV with 24-hour service.

2. Izmir Airport Terminal 2 (Domestic)

Izmir Airport Terminals
Izmir Airport Terminals / Pixabay

This second terminal specifically serves all Turkish domestic and regional flights. The position of this terminal is located to the left of the airport and was built with an area of ​​200,000 square meters.

The position of this terminal is the same as the old domestic terminal, which operated until 2011. This second terminal aims to make buildings according to the latest international standards. The total area of ​​the entire terminal two is designed to be approximately 2,071,837 sq.

This is because the old terminal has been operating since 1987 and is outdated and of poor quality. The new terminal building also has passenger boarding bridges and will be made connected using bridges to the International Terminal.

Like Terminal 1, this terminal also has two levels, namely:

  • The first level is the place of domestic arrivals, which has supporting facilities. Facilities include banks, car rental counters, and passport checking. On the first level, there is also access to bus gates 101-104.
  • The second level, specifically for the domestic departure area, provides retail and food concession services and is connected to boarding gates 226-230.

Some of the services at this terminal include toilets, ATMs, duty-free shops, dining facilities, prayer rooms, health centres, babysitting rooms, meeting points, and many more.

In addition, there are also airport lounges which are divided into three, namely:

  • Business Longue (Turkish Airlines CIP Longue) is open 24 hours and provides snacks, showers, Wi-Fi, and other services.
  • Elite Lounge (Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge), whose facilities include food, Wi-Fi, showers, flight monitors, and snacks.
  • Primeclass Longues provides services in the form of Wi-Fi, snacks, showers, magazines, newspapers, and drinks.

Inter-Terminal Transport

Inter-Terminal Transport
Inter-Terminal Transport / Pixabay

Even though the terminal is divided into two, you can easily visit both as they are in the same building. 

With their close distance, you just have to walk to be able to reach terminal one or terminal two.

In addition, a general aviation terminal serves figures from business, culture, economy, sports, and politics. These people at the airport can utilize this terminal.

This terminal can also accommodate boutique services and business jets for passengers who use them.

As you have seen, there are two types of terminals at Izmir Airport, both of which serve different types of flights but offering similar facilities. 

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