Jewel Changi Airport, the Splendid Crown for the People of Singapore


Singapore has presented a variety of tourist attractions from the side of the tourist spots to all kinds of culinary. But do you know if local or foreign tourists now can enjoy a unique garden in Jewel Changi that has given a lot of uniqueness in it? The total area of this Jewel Park reaches 14,000 square meters added with Canopy Park that has a variety of games up to the pedestrian area to the restaurant.

The Canopy Park design in Jewel Changi Airport is really promising a travel experience in Singapore even it still becomes a viral tourist attraction in various social media today. Apparently, you can enjoy three-game attractions that can make the holiday experience to Singapore more interesting. This new tourist spot really presents an interesting place which presents three major attractions.

Changi Airport Jewel becomes an attractive masterpiece designed by world-class consultants ranging from the Netherlands, France, Britain, to Singapore, and Germany. Therefore Jewel Canopy Park can show more interesting games in all weather conditions. Here are some attractions you can see at Jewel Changi Airport.

Canopy Mazes

Source: Changiairport

One of the main attractions at Jewel Changi Airport shows the two concepts of the labyrinth with a variety of twists and turns as in general. On all the presented labyrinths, there is the clock tower showing more interesting views to visitors. There are also mirror design elements in the second labyrinth to make visitors able to face challenges in all corners and successfully. This type of mirror labyrinth inside the Jewel Changi Airport turns out to be the first mirror maze in a park environment.

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Sky-Nets Game

Source: straitstimes

Next, there is Sky Nets where one of them uses two concepts in the form of a net where sanggun is used for game attraction media. The Sky Nets game attraction is set in a room, and the player will feel the sensation of walking in desolate situations and have to walk 25-meter far under the Jewel. So, this Sky Nets game is likely to give a more challenging sensation than the first one.

Discovery Slides

Lastly, there is a game called Discovery Slides where you can have fun at 4 glides that present garden atmosphere. Averagely, the game is often played by children. Besides that, it is because you can also see many statues designed specifically to give the sensation of more innovative playing.

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The uniqueness of Changi Airport’s Jewel indeed attracts tourists from both local and abroad. If you are interested, try to visit Changi Airport by looking for cheap ticket promo at Airpaz and then enjoy all the best sights in Singapore.


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