Join Songkran Festival and Get Wet

What makes you want to visit Thailand at the most? Do you just look for the warm sunshine in tropical beaches? Or do you wonder how lady-boys can be so pretty? Instead of wasting the money for fun, you should invest more in cultural attractions of this country. Find out if a famous event will take place soon and save the date to not miss it.

Figure out What Songkran Festival is

Songkran Festival is one of the famous festivals in Thailand. It indicates that the Thai New Year begins. No wonder then, if governments set is a national holiday. Seen from Buddhist calendar, the festival is also known as an important event. That is why everyone won’t miss the chance to get involved in the celebration.

The word Songkran refers to samkranti from the Sanskrit, means astrological passage. It occurs annually from 13th to 16th April. So, if you are wishing to visit Thailand soon, make sure you pick these dates. Thus, you will be able to join Songkran Festival.

How People Celebrate Songkran Festival

People also know Songkran festival as the water festival. You will find local and tourists roaming and splashing or throwing water each other on the streets. Some will use buckets, while others prefer to hand water guns. This event usually takes place from the 13th April.

April is the month when the weather is at the highest temperature in Thailand. It makes sense then if people celebrate the New Year with water splashing. This traditional manner also symbolizes the action to wash bad luck and sin away from a person’s life. it is a good reason to join the water fight.

There are many other activities people can do during this annual national holiday. As offices and banks are closed, they usually take the chance to visit families at hometown and clean their houses. Importantly, besides joining the water rituals, they will also go to the temples to offer aims to monks of Buddhist as well as bathing the Budha image. Those who do not go to the worship places can pour water over the Buddha statues they have at home.

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How to Survive the Water Fight

Water fight during Songkran Festival is not about how to win the game. Can you beat enemies forming from locals and tourists? Surely, you can’t. It is just about fun, but still, you need the following tips to survive:

• Choose the place
Though Songkran festival is celebrated throughout the country, the best recommendations as tourists will be Chiang Mai, Phuket and Thai main islands like Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.

• Equip yourself in advance
You need the weapon to fight, i.e. bucket, water gun, etc. Buy them earlier as many as you need before the war is started and the prize gets unreasonably high.

• Consider the waterproofing precautions
Keep your precious stuff safe. You should leave them in the hotel room. Or make sure that your handphone and camera are waterproof. You can just buy a waterproof bag to keep cash, cell phone and anything you need in hand dry. As you are a part of the crowd, anything can happen. Never take it seriously when you get accidentally bumped by others.

Ready to Get Wet?
Songkran Festival is one of the most anticipating and serious events in Thailand. It will be very tricky to find a place to stay. Moreover, everyone wants to stay as close to the location where water fight and parties are held. That is why you have to book early. It won’t only ensure you have a room, but also saving your budget. If it is about how to save on the airfare, leave the business to Airpaz. Visit their site and find the best deals on your flight to Thailand.

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