JomPay Payment Airpaz: Simplify Flight Bookings with JomPay

Airpaz, renowned as one of the premier flight booking platforms in Asia, excels for numerous compelling reasons. Apart from its user-friendly interface and accessibility, Airpaz goes the extra mile by offering convenient payment options. Among them, JomPay Payment Airpaz stands out as a preferred method. With JomPay, travelers can enjoy a seamless payment process, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction when booking flights on Airpaz.

JomPay is operated by the official payment network of Malaysia, known also as PayNet. It is a scheme of the national bill with numerous banks and billers participating. This scheme is really recommended for convenience, fast process, and it’s free.

So, are you interested to utilize JomPay in any transaction via Airpaz?

JomPay Payment Airpaz

For those three ways of payment, you must, first of all, go to the official website of AirPaz and book the flight ticket.

Booking flights with JomPay Payment Airpaz

Choose the payment method and select JomPay payment.

Booking flights with JomPay Payment Airpaz

There is a bar for JomPay payment on your screen, click the check box to agree with the term and conditions of Airpaz and Airlines, then click the submit payment.

Booking flights with JomPay Payment Airpaz

On your screen, there is information about your biller code, ref-1, total, and a note to make a payment with JomPay

Booking flights with JomPay Payment Airpaz

After that, you will get the notification in your email such as

Booking flights with JomPay Payment Airpaz

Lastly,  you can follow the simple steps to make payments with JomPay.

Now, it is getting easier for you to book any flight through AirPaz. The collaboration between the two tends to give so many benefits for customers. Not only is it simple and convenient, but your transaction is also guaranteed to be secured. So, just try to book the flight now on Airpaz. Now traveling is easy.



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