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Jomtien Beach Thailand – Your Alternative to Pattaya Beach

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Jomtien beach Thailand is where you should go to avoid the crowded Pattaya Beach. This place is also popular among visitors and expatriates.

The big Jomtien beach stretches for 6 to 7 km down to Bang Sare, making it look more like a long beach instead of a bay.Even if you are not intended to enjoy the activities under the sun, there are many bars and restaurants near Jomtien beach Pattaya for dining or partying.

Jomtien beach attractions

People have made Jomtien beach as the alternative to Pattaya beach because:


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• The sand quality is identical to what you see on Pattaya beach with the little grainy feeling under your foot. You even have plenty of room to put a towel down when all deck chairs are occupied.

• The visitors of Jomtien beach Pattaya are typically families with the more responsible attitude about cleanliness. Therefore, you can rest assured to find a perfect place to enjoy the sunlight exposure.

• You do not need to go to a shopping centre because hawkers will welcome you with many things to sell like seafood, watches, cheap jewellery, toys for children and more.

• Sports entertainment offers you the best attractions. You can enjoy Jomtien beach swimming, diving, jet-skiing and snorkelling. Kids will also have some fun with the banana boat riding.

• If hawkers bother you too much, you can take your drinks and meals at nearest bars in Jomtien beach. You have a lot of options at its opposite.

• Jomtien beach Pattaya is a large beach. But its own beauty is worth to see. It also still has many spots that offer more privacy and seclusion.

• Regarding the safety matter, Jomtien beach is much safer at noon than at night. Make sure you set the visiting time on your vacation plan.

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Things to Do In Jomtien Beach Thailand

There are many more things to do at Jomtien beach Pattaya rather than just enjoying the water sprouts. You can visit the surrounding popular sites.

Take for example Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya floating market, Khao Chi Chan (Buddha Mountain), Underwater World and Viharn Sien. You can also walk down the Sukhumvit Road and Thepprasit Road to watch Cabaret Shows.


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Jomtien Beach Accommodation

Finding a place to stay at Jomtien beach is a piece of cake as it has been an appealing seaside resort that is self-contained or a starting point before exploring Pattaya. They are mostly located on the western section of the beach.

You can find fairly cheap hotels nearby. There are also short-term apartments and condominium for rent. But since this such accommodation can be too spacious and luxurious, make sure to the notebook it by accident.

How to Go to Jomtien Beach from Bangkok

jomtien beach location is just 3kms away to the south from Pattaya Beach. It is a recommended site for a more peaceful and relaxing resort.

To transport to Jomtien beach from Bangkok, you have three options, i.e. by bus, tax and car with 6 different routes for 1 to 6 hours.

If you need to take a flight first and get the cheapest price, check out Airpaz to find the most inexpensive tickets to Jomtien beach Thailand from right at your fingertips.


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