Kakaban Island, Jellyfish Paradise in Indonesia

Kakaban is one of the most unique islands in Indonesia that everyone should visit. This is the island where the underwater ecosystem is packed with lots of marine creatures, including jellyfish. The place is dubbed the jellyfish lake because there are numerous jellyfish found around the island. This is more information about the island that you need to know.

The Basic and Essential Information about Kakaban Island


The island is located in East Kalimantan or East Borneo, Indonesia. There are a lot of tourists coming to the location for the sole purpose of trying the experience of swimming with hundreds of stingless jellyfish. Most of the underwater area of the island is inhabited by orange jellyfish, but there are, of course, many more types of them to be found there. Before going there, read the information below.

Where is Kakaban Island?


Kakaban Island is located in Berau, East Kalimantan. The island is basically surrounded by a large body of water, including lakes and the ocean. Well, the underwater area is home to a wide array of marine life like jellyfish. Besides jellyfish, the island is also home to many types of fish, corals, and other marine creatures.

What’s So Unique about Kakaban Island?


Kakaban is so unique because there are only a few places in the world where stingless jellyfish can survive. Yes, the jelly-like creatures that inhabited the underwater area of the island are completely safe to swim with as they do not have the tentacles to sting and to harm people around them. You can basically swim with them all day long and even touch them safely.

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What Types of Jellyfish Found There?


There are four types of jellyfish that can be found on the island of Kakaban. First is the moon jellyfish or the one with a transparent body. The second is the spotted jellyfish. This is the largest population in the lake, and they are known as the orange jellyfish as well. Next, there is the upside-down jellyfish (found mostly between the corals), and the last one is the box jellyfish (the smallest of them all).

Is it Safe to Swim with Jellyfish on the Island?


Yes, as stated before, swimming with jellyfish on the island of Kakaban is completely safe. You can tell there are many pictures of visitors swimming underwater surrounded by a school of jellyfish, and they do not look in pain. Yes, they are stingless, so they do not have the ability to harm people with their dangerous stings. Well, it is 100% safe.

How much is its Entrance Fee?

The entrance fee is very affordable. It is believed to visit the lake jellyfish, you only have to pay IDR 20.000, or just under two USD. The very affordable entrance fee is surely one of the biggest factors to attract a lot of people to the location. It is indeed a rare experience to swim with jellyfish with such an affordable entrance fee.

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How to Get There?

If you start your journey from the capital of Indonesia (Jakarta) or other big cities on Java Island, you need to use a flight to get there and visit the Jellyfish Indonesia trip. Just book a flight to Berau, Kalimantan. In addition, there are several airlines that take you straight to Berau.

Once you are in Berau, you need to go to Derawan Island. To do that, you can rent a speedboat, and the journey from Berau to Derawan Island is approximately 2 hours using speedboat. From Derawan Island, take another ride with a speedboat to Kakaban. Once arrived at Kakaban, you can go straight to the jellyfish lake and find the diving spots.

Tips Before Swimming with Jellyfish


Before swimming with jellyfish in Kakaban, you need to understand several things, including that you may touch the creatures but not intentionally harm them. Also, you need to avoid using sunscreen or any chemical-based products on your skin before going swimming because it can pollute the water, and jellyfish are quite sensitive to that.

You also need to dive quite deeply underwater to find the jellyfish. Therefore, it is believed that it will be better for you to have previous diving or snorkeling experience before visiting the island. Otherwise, it will be just too scary for you to dive that deep. Instructors are available, though, but it is always safe for you to have previous experience.

For those interested to go to the island, do not forget that if you are going from Jakarta or any other big city, you need to book a flight to Berau, Kalimantan. Use the help of Airpaz.com or use the Airpaz app to make sure you can book the ticket easily, and eventually you will be able to visit Kakaban for your jellyfish-related experience during the vacation.


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