Kansai Airport Hotel Recommendations for Your Quality Sleep

Kansai Airport hotel is the most appropriate choice when you have an early departure or late arrival at KIX (Kansai International Airport). There are several hotels near the airport that can be your choice when you arrive. 

Kansai Airport Hotels List

Kansai Airport Hotel
Kansai Airport Hotel / Pixabay

Staying at the Kansai International Airport Hotel can help you get enough rest when you fly in the early morning hours, so you don’t have to rush when preparing for the next day.

Likewise, staying at a KIX hotel is an effective solution if you land after a long air journey.

Staying on the day of landing can help make your physical condition during the next trip more fit and fresh.

Since Kansai Airport is in the middle of an artificial island, there are few hotel choices.

But don’t worry about the recommendations in this article, because the average hotel provides good service and prices.

1. Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

If you are too lazy or tired to stay at a hotel far from the airport, then Nikko hotel is the best choice.

Hotel Nikko takes only a three-minute walk on the pedestrian bridge from Terminal 1. 

Food lovers! Take advantage of the breakfast provided by Hotel Nikko.

In 2020 this hotel was selected as the 7th hotel with the best breakfast, so the taste is guaranteed to be delicious.

In addition to a delicious breakfast, Nikko also offers a variety of interesting facilities typical of star hotels. The price for one night starts from JPY 11,344.

2. First Cabin Kansai Airport

Hotel First Cabin Kansai Airport

If you want to stay in a comfortable place at a reasonable price, then choose First Cabin Kansai Airport.

The hotel design is very compact and comfortable. Despite its design, this hotel provides guests a lounge and a large communal bath as well.

You can enjoy the sensation of staying in the same first-class airplane seats as this hotel. Prices per night start at JPY5,620.

First Cabin offers an hourly stay (short stay) option, which is perfect for travelers who get early-morning and late-night flights.

3. Kansai Airport Washington Hotel

Hotel Kansai Airport Washington Hotel

The distance to this hotel from the airport is about 10 minutes by vehicle.

However, you can get a free shuttle bus to the hotel too from the N8 bus stop, which is on the section of 1F (International Arrival Body)

If you want to rest while looking at social media, then you don’t have to worry about internet access. You can get high-speed internet if you are their guest.

Not only that, many other facilities will make your rest more comfortable.

There are a TV, tea set, hair dryer, desk lamp, AC, and various other facilities that they offer or can be provided according to your request.

Washington Hotel’s restaurant also offers a varied menu, ranging from Japanese, Chinese, and Western food, that uses a buffet style.

You can choose your favorite food in the restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Prices per night start from JPY6,647 for one night.

4. Star Gate Kansai Hotel Airport

Hotel Star Gate Kansai Airport

The Star Gate distance from the airport to Nankai Rinku Station is only about five minutes by train.

Besides, you can get a free shuttle bus from and to the airport. The bus will pick you up at the South Group Bus Terminal or “S12” at the airport.

You can see a pretty view of the airport and the bay from the top of the hotel, which is above the Rinku Gate Tower Building. Inside this building is also a shopping center and other facilities.

This hotel has several types of rooms: single, twin, double, Japanese style, premier floor rooms, and Suites rooms. You can choose a room that suits your needs and budget.

Each room also has various additional facilities such as free internet access, YV LCD, bidet toilet, electric kettle, refrigerator, and other supporting facilities.

Buffet style is served for breakfast and lunch but not for dinner.

You can choose one of three restaurants: Japanese Restaurant Arima, Japanese Teppanyaki Rinku, and Chinese Restaurant Seiryu.

To get these various facilities, you have to pay around JPY11,570.

From some of the Kansai Airport hotel recommendations above, you can choose the hotel that best suits your pocket and preferences. For an easy booking process, you can use Airpaz to get the best offer.


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