An Ultimate Guidelines: Kathmandu Airport & Everything You Must Know

Nepal is an exotic country that you should try to visit at least once in a lifetime. When you visit the Kathmandu attractions here, you will arrive at Kathmandu Airport, the only international airport in this capital city. In order to get to know this airport better, here is further information you should know.

About Kathmandu Airport

Kathmandu Airport lounge

Kathmandu Airport code is KTM. In fact, people call it Kathmandu Airport because it is located in the city of Kathmandu, precisely in the Kathmandu Valley, with a stretch of mountains surrounding it. This location is 5 km from downtown Kathmandu to the east. 

This airport has another name, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). This airport was founded in 1955, and the inauguration was carried out by the king of Nepal, King Mahendra.

The name Tribhuvan itself comes from the name of King Mahendra’s father. Before changing the name, the airport was called Gauchaur Airport. Currently, the government itself is managing this airport.

Nowadays, KTM airport can accommodate more than 15 airlines, three of which are airlines belonging to Nepal. In order to find out more about the airport and the attractions around the airport, the following information is for you.

Terminals & Facilities

Kathmandu Airport terminals

KTM airport has two main terminals, which function as domestic terminals and international terminals. The buildings of these Kathmandu Airport terminals have many levels of sections that function as Arrivals Hall, Departures Hall, and other important airport functions.

The international airport terminals are hubs for international airlines that stop by Kathmandu. However, most of the international airlines that come to this airport originate from Asia and the Middle East. The other few are airlines from countries in Europe.

Meanwhile, the domestic terminal of KTM airport is designated as a hub for airlines serving domestic and regional flights. If you want to transport between these two terminals, you can walk for about 5-10 minutes.

Kathmandu Airport lounge is available in each terminal for passengers who need a place to rest while waiting for their departure schedule.

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Kathmandu Airport hotels

There are many Kathmandu Airport hotels that you can use to spend the night here. Some of them are the Krishna Hotel, Summit Residency Hotel, Hotel Amarawati, Marinha Airport Hotel, and so on. 

These hotels offer various types of rooms with standard facilities such as free wifi, free parking, flat-screen TVs, clean beds, breakfasts, and so on. Additionally, the average price of staying in a standard room in the KTM airport hotels is 25 – 50 USD by online booking. 

Apart from that, some of these hotels also have special provisions such as a no-pet policy. So, if you are taking your pet on vacation, you should first check whether the hotel you choose is pet-friendly or not.

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Kathmandu Airport

There are several methods of transportation that you can use to explore the attractions in Kathmandu. You can use the following modes of transportation from the airport to downtown Kathmandu.

  • Shuttle Buses

You can use this mode of transportation to go to downtown Kathmandu. The one-way bus fare is 20 NPR (0.15 USD). Unfortunately, the travel time with this transportation takes about 1 hour to reach the city center

  • Taxis

To get to downtown Kathmandu, you only need about 16 minutes from the airport by taxi. However, the costs you have to pay are far greater than the cost of taking the bus, which is 305 NPR ( 2.29 USD)

  • Rental Cars

Most of the car rentals around Kathmandu airport are open 24 hours. You can rent a car for about 58 USD a day.

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Duty-free Shops

Kathmandu Airport duty-free

The Kathmandu Airport duty-free is in the departure area of the International Terminal. In these shops, you can find goods that are generally available in common duty-free shops, such as alcohol, accessories, fashion items, cosmetics, cigarettes, and so on.

Not all items at the KTM airport duty-free shop are free of tax. People have to pay a 40% tax if they buy certain goods such as electronic goods, cigarettes, cigars, and other general household items. You can buy products at this duty-free shop with prices starting from 500 NPR (3.75 USD)

Apart from that, Tribhuvan airport also has many restaurants and cafes around the Arrival and Departure areas. You can find various types of food such as fast food, local cuisine, bakery & sweets, etc. You can buy these foods and drinks with prices starting from 130 NPR (0.97 USD).

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Best Things to Do in Kathmandu

Best Things to Do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu has many attractions that you can visit with your dearest people. Here are some activities you can do in this city:

  • Hiking and Watching the Sunrise at Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a mountain village in Nepal. This place is the best spot to watch the sunrise. To try this adventure tour, you have to pay a fee of around 85 USD / adult.

  • Helicopter Touring to Everest Base Camp

This type of activity is one of the best activities that many travelers choose when visiting Nepal. To be able to experience this, you need to pay around 1200 USD.

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That’s all the information about Kathmandu Airport and several other interesting things that you need to know before going on vacation to Kathmandu. Check Airpaz to book flight tickets and hotels with the best deals.


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