What to Know about New Delhi International Airport (DEL)

Arriving at an Airport, you’re not familiar with can be disorienting at first, not to mention the country’s culture might be starkly different from your country’s culture. You might experience a similar difficulty when arriving at New Delhi International Airport (DEL). So, let’s figure out a thing or two about this airport!

About New Delhi International Airport (DEL)

New Delhi International Airport - About Airport

Located in the heart of India’s capital city, Delhi Airport is also known as Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI). Delhi is also the center of connecting several airlines, starting from AirAsia India, SpiceJet, and Vistara to name a few. Your FedEx shipping might have passed Delhi, too!

Little did you know that this airport was first built in the 1930s to support World War II as India’s Air Force Station with its name, Safdurjang Airport or Palam Airport. As time went by, Palam Airport kept growing and was forced to expand since the capacity was not enough anymore. In the 1980s, together with the inauguration of the new terminal in the airport, it was renamed Gandhi International Airport.

New Delhi Airport Terminals

new delhi airport terminal

Consisting of three different terminals, New Delhi International Airport also provides transportation to each of the terminals every 20 minutes.

Terminal 1 is operating by providing a platform for low-cost carriers and domestic flights. By becoming the oldest terminal, it has recently undergone renovation together with Terminal 2 to upgrade the equipment to high-end ones for travelers’ convenience.

Similar to Terminal 1, the second one differs from the provided lounge. Terminal 2 has provided a better lounge, namely, Plaza Premium Lounge.

Lastly, Terminal 3 has the most advanced services with a wide variety of lounges. There are even hotels too! No wonder Terminal 3 has become the stop for international flights.

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New Delhi Airport Hotels

New Delhi International Airport - Hotels

During a flight, there might be times when spending a night at the airport is part of the trip, either for transit purposes or others. However, the quality of rest shouldn’t be compromised to ensure comfort for the whole journey.

There is no need to worry much! New Delhi International Airport has the closest hotel to its Terminal 3, Holiday Inn Express. You don’t even need to step a foot out of the airport, simply find yourself a relaxing and affordable hotel in Terminal 3!

There are also other options, such as Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity New Delhi, Lemon Tree Premier, and Red Fox Hotel.

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New Delhi Airport Transportations

New Delhi Airport Transportations

Getting to the airport is another issue for travelers since most airports are located in the suburbs or even the side of the town. However, it’s not a problem for New Delhi International Airport!

To get into New Delhi’s Airport, there are two alternative transportation choices, car, and metro. The easiest and the comfiest access might be renting a taxi or car to get to a direct destination to the airport. If you are looking for a more affordable choice, the metro is the answer! You can board for Metro Station from Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 and sit tight for the 15-minute ride.

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New Delhi Airport Duty-Free Shop

New Delhi International Airport - Duty-Free-shop

It’s definitely not a trip if you do not come back with goods and souvenirs. When you’re missing some items and would like to do a last-minute shopping spree, airport duty-free shops are always there for you.

In New Delhi International Airport, there are many duty-free shops starting from fashion, high-end branded stores, and even food outlets. All these items could be bought and taken home for your loved ones. What’s more, they are 24-hour shops! Don’t forget to check them out at Terminal 3!

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Air Suvidha in New Delhi Airport

New Delhi International Airport - Air Suvidha
Source : pmmodiyojana.in

With the current COVID-19 situation, the plan for a trip needs another extra document to fulfill the requirements of traveling during the pandemic. There are certain tests required, including some paperwork. As for taking a trip to India, especially through New Delhi International Airport, there are certain guidelines to follow, known as Air Suvidha.

First of all, travelers have to fill in the form at the Air Suvidha portal. Travelers are required to show the document of getting the full vaccination certificates or attach the PCR Test, which is only eligible 72 hours before the flight.

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Now that you have a glimpse of New Delhi International Airport, get your ticket and luggage ready to visit the country of diversity, starting from the food, festivals, and more. Write down your itinerary and find out more tourism spots in the country. Don’t forget to book your ticket at Airpaz and check out the rest of India through our blog!


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