Knowing Dos and Don’ts when Traveling to Korea before Going There

South Korea is a dream destination and an attractive country that foreign tourists want to go to. High-tech that are balanced with the preservation of tradition are one of the attractions of this country.

Friendly Koreans are always happy to share their culture with visitors, such as eating together with a variety of dishes and also the excitement of joining a joint festival. Experience shopping at the world’s largest department store in Busan to take a leisurely stroll around 900 traditional Hanok (traditional wooden houses) in Seoul.

But, what you need to know is different countries have different cultures and habits of the people. Knowledge of tradition, do’s and don’ts when traveling to Korea are the main provisions that must be prepared in memory. This is so that your vacation can be even more fun and satisfying.

Do’s When Traveling to Korea

There are some things you have to pay attention to when you are in South Korea. There are things like that:

• Start the conversation with the word “Annyeong Haseyo”

If you are lost or confused, try starting your question or conversation with the word “Annyeong Haseyo”. Usually, Koreans are more welcome with tourists who begin the conversation with this word than the word “Excuse me”. Let me get excited, say thanks with the word “Kamsahamnida” or “Gomawo”.

• Accept things using two hands

When you pay for food then the seller gives the change, accept it with two hands. Similarly, when you pay for the food you eat. This is a habit that cannot be separated from South Korean customs.

Traveling to Korea two-hands

• Finish the food ordered

For you lovers of culinary tourism, there are important things you must know about Korean eating habits. In Korea, you have to eat up the food served by the seller. You can’t be picky. If you leave your food, the culinary seller will feel hurt.

• Use all palms when calling a taxi

If in Korea you can’t call a taxi using one finger because this is considered rude. You must use the entire palm. You have to do this to get an impressive vacation while there.

Don’ts When Traveling to Korea

In addition to things to do when travelling to South Korea, you must know how many restrictions you should not do so that you can enjoy your vacation without a sense of burden and stress. This prohibition is imposed because of the culture that has made it. Such as:

• Don’t be noisy in public transport

Being noisy or loud when on the train or bus is considered rude and sometimes people who behave like that are asked to come down if they have disturbed other passengers too much. This is quite important for Koreans because it can disturb other people. So it’s no wonder that the noisy ones are told to go down.

• Do not drive when drunk

Being drunk is a natural thing in South Korea. But, don’t let yourself be caught on camera driving while drunk. This can make you have a problem with the police because a drunk person with an alcohol level of 0.05% who drives can get a fine of 500 thousand won. If alcohol levels exceed 0.05%, you can be imprisoned for 2 years.

• Do not litter

Do you dare to litter in South Korea? Don’t be! The problem here you will be fined 1 million won if you do it. Fantastic numbers. Whatever you do will be recorded by CCTV because there are so many CCTVs in South Korea.

• Don’t just take pictures of local people

Although the faces and physical appearance of South Koreans look like artists, you can’t take pictures with a camera because Koreans don’t like being photographed. Unless you ask permission from them.

Now I’m sure you understand the do’s and don’ts for when travelling to Korea. What more are you waiting for, then? Let’s go on a vacation to South Korea! Confused about buying tickers? Well, don’t be confused to get a ticket to go there because Airpaz will help you get it. The best thing about using is that you don’t even need to go to the airport to buy the ticket– super convenient for those of you who are busy with work!

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