Kokol Elf: Visit Piece of Paradise on Earth in Kota Kinabalu

Do you miss the moment visiting Bali and enjoying a beautiful view on a swing? You want to go there again but can’t afford its expensive trip? Fortunately, you can still find a similar sweet spot in Kota Kinabalu. It means you do not need to go abroad. The place that we are talking about is Kokol Elf. It is a piece of paradise on earth in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This region is known for its beautiful beaches. It is also rich for its culture, rainforest and coral reefs. The Le’One Kokol Elf will surely add the attractions’ list in Sabah malaysia. So, why do not you take a look?

What Le’One Kokol Elf Has to Offer

Mega Swing

Kokol Elf - Mega Swing

Mega swing is one of the popular attractions in Bali. Now, you can also find it in Kota Kinabalu. All you need is courage to swing above the hill. And the best time to get there is in the evening to get the beautiful sunset pictures.

The Sunset Catcher area

Kokol Elf - The Sunset Catcher area

This area offers instagrammable pictures. There are some cool spots where you can spend time with your loved ones to catch the sunset while overlooking Sabah. if you prefer to work behind the scene, so get prepared with your camera to take a lot of photos.

The City Circle

Kokol Elf - The City Circle

If you can’t wait in line for swinging, you can try sitting on the City Circle. This aesthetic nest is also instagrammable. Get special help from your photography-skilled friend or loved one to create cinematic shots. Make sure to try other nests, including one hanging on the tree.

The Bear’s Pillow Hut

Need some warmth when it feels getting colder up the hill? It is time to take photos with giant pillows. There are many live-sized cute characters including Rilakkuma and bears. Join with those comfortable and warm buddies to have some pictures on the viewing areas.


The Magellan Sutera Resort
The Magellan Sutera Resort
Mercure Kota Kinabalu City Centre
Mercure Kota Kinabalu City Centre
Horizon Hotel Kota Kinabalu
Horizon Hotel Kota Kinabalu

Restaurant Bar

Kokol Elf - Restaurant Bar

You won’t only able to feed your eyes when visiting Kokol elf. You can also have time to overcome your thirst and hunger with delicious foods offered at the restaurant and bar.

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Le’ One Kokol Elf is located at Km7, Jalan kokol, Menggatal, Kinabalu city. It opens daily from 9 am to 7:30 pm. Make sure you get prepared for the entrance fee RM 40 for each person.

About Kokol Hill

Kokol Elf - About Kokol Hill

If you are looking for a perfect gateway that closes to nature, Kokol Hill can be the best recommendation. It is located at Menggatal, Kota Kinabalu. This hill does not only offer the fresh cool air and quiet space to hide. The best thing about this natural recreational spot is the sunrise seeing of Mount Kinabalu and sunset view overlooking the city.

Accommodations and Restaurants at Kokol Hill

Kokol Elf - Accommodations and Restaurants at Kokol Hill

1. KK Apache Café

Once reaching Kokol Village, you will be welcomed with KK Apache Café. You can try some local foods while enjoying the beautiful view of Kota Kinabalu.

2. Mr Muscle Burger

If you take further up the trip, you will find Mr Muscle Burger restaurant that provides Beef or Chicken burger with Tuhau. Due to its strategic location, this restaurant can be the best place to enjoy the sunset view.

3. Kokol Farmstay

Do not want to miss witnessing sunrise in the early morning? It is better to stay at Kokol Farmstay when it gets dawn. They offer affordable room renting rates for visitors.

4. Kokol Haven Resort

If you are looking for a more luxurious retreat, you should make a reservation in Kokol Haven Resort. Or, you can just come by to visit the restaurant as it opens for the public for tea and dinner.

5. N.G. Kokol Enterprise

Still, about feeding your stomach, this is a small food stall that provides simple foods. The best treats are Soto and Maggi soup with egg.

6. Kasih Sayang Resort

This resort also has its own speciality. You can get the view of Mount Kinabalu and sunset from its opposite side.

7. Kokol Height Homestay

Next, to Kasih Sayang Resorts, the rooms in this homestay offer the view of Kota Kinabalu. If you want to see how Mount Kinabalu looks like in the morning, you can go over the main door area.

8. Villaku Boutique Homestay

This villa allows you to feel like home with its food and staying style.

9. Kokol Hill Villa

It is probably the highest place to stay. Kokol Hill Villa is where you can find the perfect getaway that is quiet and relaxing surrounded by beautiful panorama.

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