Kolkata Airport Terminal: Facilities and Services You Can Find

The facilities and services at the Kolkata Airport terminal are essential things to know for passengers who want to depart or have just arrived at Kolkata International Airport. All these facilities and services are beneficial to feel comfortable and safe at this airport.

What can you find and use at this Indigo Kolkata Airport terminal? Check out the explanation that we have summarized in the article below!

Kolkata Airport Terminal

Kolkata Airport terminal

The terminal building is located at Kolkata Airport, with services regarding international and domestic flights.

Previously, this airport had three terminals that handled various flights. The three are Kolkata Airport Terminal 1 (Kolkata Domestic Airport terminal), International Terminal, and Cargo Terminal.

But in the end, there was a change, which combined all the terminals into a five-story building. It is on these five floors that everything regarding administration and all flights takes place.

This building has many facilities and services you can enjoy while waiting for your departure or just arriving at the departure hall.

Kolkata Airport Terminal Facilities & Services

You can enjoy many facilities and services to support your comfort and security. All of these available services can coordinate the needs of passengers of various ages, genders, and occupations so that all parties get appropriate services.

1. Services and Facilities

Kolkata Airport terminal

There are lots of services and facilities that you can find in this airport terminal building, such as:

  • Wi-Fi

When it’s the first time you’re at Kolkata Airport, you might still be using a SIM card from your home country, so you can’t connect to an internet connection. Or if it can be connected, the internet package price will be very high.

If you still use the SIM card, you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi facilities available in every corner of the airport terminal.

This “Tata Docomo Wi-Fi” facility is available for passengers. So make sure you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi because, in public places like airports, you will find lots of tethering or Wi-Fi other than the official airport property.

  • Child Care Rooms

This facility will accommodate parents who bring children, especially those under five years old. Often parents have to change diapers, feed them, and breastfeed their children while waiting.

If you use childcare rooms, you will be more comfortable exchanging diapers and other urgencies.

  • Left Luggage

Take advantage of this left luggage facility if you want to leave your luggage. You can leave your bags for up to 30 days for a fee per bag of 20 INR (0.24 USD) for 24 hours of storage.

  • Medical Assistance Service

For passengers who need medical services, they can access assistance through medical assistance available at this terminal. This service accepts passengers who are in the arrivals and departure areas.

  • Duty-Free Stores

Shopping at the duty-free shop is one of the activities most awaited by passengers, especially those who want to fly back to their country of origin after the holidays. In these shops, you can find various products from local and international brands.

Apart from these five facilities, there are other supporting facilities, namely currency exchange, ATMs, pharmacy, post office, smoking lounge, prayer room, shops, restaurants, and spa.

2. Terminal Lounges

Kolkata Airport terminal

If your flight schedule is still long or in transit, then using the lounge facilities at the airport can be a solution to rest a while. Four lounges have their services to pamper passengers who use them.

The four lounges at the Kolkata Airport terminal include the following:

  • Travel Club Lounge Annex

This first lounge is located on the Mezzanine level, with limited opening hours, from 03.30 AM to the last departure that day.

While using the Travel Club Lounge Annex, you will get several facilities. Some accessible facilities are Wi-Fi, TV, flight monitors, magazines, newspapers, and snacks. Then there are paid facilities such as conference rooms and alcoholic drinks.

  • Travel Club Lounge at Mezzanine Level

The operating hours of this lounge are from 04.00 AM to 09.00 PM every day. Some of the facilities provided are snacks, Wi-Fi, newspapers, TV, flight monitors, magazines, and premium food.

  • Travel Club Lounge at Opposite Gate 10

The lounge, located opposite Gate 10 of the airport terminal, is open 24 hours, so it is suitable for those at the airport during quiet hours, such as midnight or early morning.

The available facilities include magazines, newspapers, TV, Wi-Fi, flight monitors, alcoholic drinks, and snacks.

  • Travel Club Lounge at Mezzanine Level (Open 24 hours)

The lounge is open 24 hours and has more complete facilities. You will get flight monitors, Wi-Fi, alcoholic drinks, snacks, magazines, TV, newspapers, internet terminals, smoking areas, copiers, telephones, and printers.

Except for the last Travel Club Lounge, the three lounges above are non-smoking areas, so if you are a smoker, you should pay attention to this type of lounge.

How is that? The facilities at the Kolkata Airport terminal are complete, so book a plane ticket to Kolkata Airport! To make it easier, book at Airpaz and download the app too! 


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