Alternative Kolkata Airport Transportation for Your Mobility

During a trip abroad, tourists generally use the modes of transportation available in that country. Likewise, if you have just arrived at Kolkata Airport, then Kolkata Airport transportation is essential to take you to your hotel or other destinations in this area.

Of course, you must know what transportation services you can use to support your mobility while on a trip. Therefore, please look at the transportation recommendations we have compiled below!

Kolkata Airport Transportation

Because the airport’s location is quite strategic and one of the busiest airports, the available transportation options are also more diverse. You can choose transportation by considering several aspects, such as price, comfort, and passenger capacity.

Some of the available modes of transportation include:

1. Kolkata Metro

Metro // Kolkata Airport Transportation

Initially, this airport had a railway system that connected the airport to several city locations. Transportation with this train has been around since 2005 by using an overpass.

However, due to the increasingly advanced transportation technology and the condition of the railway line that is operating is getting worse, there are plans to replace it with the metro system.

Like the previous trains, the Kolkata Airport metro will also connect the airport with several places in the city.

Two metro lines will take you from the airport to several stations, namely:

  • Metroline 4

You can use Metro Line 4 to connect the Barasat and Noapara routes. You can go to Gate 1 of the airport to find the stop.

  • Metroline 6

Line 6 will connect the airport with New Garia. One-way metro fare ranges from 20 to 30 INR (0.24 to 0.37 USD).

2. Buses

Buses // Kolkata Airport Transportation

One public transportation option that has many enthusiasts is by bus because it’s cheaper. Currently, the bus facilities are also excellent, because you can use buses that already have air conditioning.

One of these ground transportation service providers is WBSTC (West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation). This air-conditioned bus can take you to several places in Kolkata.

You can find the Kolkata Airport bus stop and WBSTC counter in the arrival area of the airport terminal and place your order from here.

There are several WBSTC bus routes, namely:

  • Route VS1: departs from 08.15 AM to 08.00 PM from the airport to Esplanade with a journey duration of about 1 hour 15 minutes with a frequency of arrivals every 30 minutes.
  • Route VS2: connects the airport with Howrah with a journey time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. The frequency of this bus’s arrival is every ten minutes, and the operational time is from 08.00 AM to 07.45 and 09.00 PM.
  • Route VS8: Travel time is 1 hour 30 minutes, with arrivals every 20 minutes. The bus’s operating hours connecting the airport with Tollygune are from 10.00 AM to 06.30 PM.
  • Route V1: this last route also serves trips from the airport to Tollygunge, with operating hours from 08.15 AM to 09.15 PM.

One-way fare on these buses is from 20 to 562 INR (0.24 to 6.87 USD). Price range from

3. Taxi

Taxi // Kolkata Airport Transportation

You can use the Kolkata Airport taxi if you want to arrive at your destination faster and in more private time. Travel time using a cab is shorter, about 50 minutes to the city center.

Some of the taxi options available are:

  • Prepaid Taxis

Prepaid can be a reasonably safe choice for tourists because the fare to the hotel or other locations in the city is fixed. This taxi can reduce the risk of getting a taxi driver who arbitrarily raises prices.

These prepaid taxis, also known as yellow taxis, operate 24 hours a day. This yellow taxi is under the auspices of the Bidhannagar Police commissioner, so its safety is more guaranteed.

Find this taxi booth at gates 3 and 4 Arrival Level.

  • Radio Taxis

Like Yellow Taxi, Mega Cabs Radio taxi also operates outside the airport terminal area throughout the day. You can order a taxi directly to the Mega cabs counter after completing administrative matters at the airport.

But if you want to get a taxi right away, you can order it directly through the website page

  • Uber Sharing

Online taxis have experienced the most increase in consumers because it provides many benefits to their application users. You can order Uber after installing the application on your cellphone to find the distance and fare you must pay.

The average fare by taxi to the city center is around 360 to 44o INR (4.40 to 5.38 USD).

4. Car Rental

Car rental // Kolkata Airport Transportation

Kolkata Airport car rental is the perfect solution if you want a more flexible trip. The route and travel time will not bind you because it can adjust to your preferences and needs.

So, when you want to stop at a restaurant, cafe, or another exciting place, you won’t have to worry about transportation anymore. You can choose from several car rental companies and can be visited in the airport arrival terminal area.

With all the information about Kolkata Airport transportation above, you are more confident about going on vacation to Kolkata, right? If so, let’s order your flight ticket immediately at Airpaz. To make it easier, also download the app now!


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