Enjoy the Relaxing Time at Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Malaysia

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Kota Tinggi waterfalls Malaysia can be a nice spot for relaxing when you visit one of the tropical countries in Southeast Asia. It is true that you may have heard much about the beautiful beaches. But sometimes, the weather can be uncomfortable to stay outside under the direct sunlight. That is why; going to Kota Tinggi waterfalls is more preferable since it is located within mountains.

Kota Tinggi Waterfall Resort in Johor Malaysia

Malaysia Kota Tinggi waterfalls is a famous tourism spot among locals especially the young fellows. You will see it very crowded on weekend. Located at the foot of Mountain Muntahak, the waterfalls cascade down for about 34 meters consisting of three swimming pools. Wondering to know what to do there? Here are some fun activities you can enjoy when visiting Kota Tinggi waterfalls:

Watch Fireflies at Firefly Valley Leisure Park

Fireflies can easily be seen at night during the non-monsoon months. You can watch them when taking the 30-minute route on boat to reach the park. Make sure to set your phones on silent and turn off any light along the way.

Enjoy Camping Under the Star-Lit Sky

You can rent a chalet at Malaysia Kota Tinggi waterfalls. Or you can save a night for building your tent at an open space. Be sure to bring picnic mat, favorite board games or books to spend the time with.

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kota tinggi waterfalls

Take a Tour to Crocodile Farm

At Kota Tinggi waterfalls, there is a crocodile farm. You can go to Teluk Sengat to watch the crocodiles enjoying their meal time. There are hundreds of them, roaming free. Be sure to not closely get involved and always listen to the guide’s instructions.

Hike up Gunung Panti

Exploring a mountain means you must stretch your feet by hiking. You can go with a group of people, tracking the trails of Kota Tinggi waterfall hike to Gunung Panti. Make sure to carry enough water and snacks to stay full along the way.

Visit Desaru White Sanded Beach

Once finishing the adventure inside the jungle, you can finish the tour by visiting Desaru beach. Simply enjoy the find breeze along the sandy shores or go fishing to stay active.

Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Opening Hours

Malaysia Kota Tinggi waterfalls are open during the daylight. You can first send the confirmation to the operator in case the resort is closed. Take for example because of the unpleasant Kota Tinggi waterfall weather.

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Kota Tinggi Waterfalls How to Go

Kota Tinggi waterfalls location can be reached by buses that operate frequently from Johor Bahru’s Larkin Bus Terminal to Kota Tinggi. Alternatively, you can go to Malaysia Kota Tinggi waterfalls by car. Simply follow the signboards. If you come from abroad, you first stop will be Senai International Airport at Johor Bahru. To go there, you should visit Airpaz website to get the special flight deals to Kota Tinggi waterfalls Malaysia. A little tips for you guys find here.


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