Kundasang, a Hidden Gem with Tons of Interesting Spots and Activities

Kundasang is an area in Ranau District in Borneo, Malaysia. Because this little town is located on the foot of Mount Kinabalu, it is still surrounded by the natural beauty of lush greeneries and wildlife. Kundasang alone isn’t super popular among tourists and travellers, but those looking for outdoor adventure and natural excitement will be familiar with the town. In the event that you decide to go there, no need to worry. Exploration is always possible. Not to mention that there are also some places to visit.

There are different possible ways to reach Kundasang although the options for public transportation isn’t many. You can fly to Kota Kinabalu and then continue your trip by hiring a car or a cab. In general, hiring a car will cost you around $45 (around RM140 to RM150) a day.

1. Stargazing

Kundasang - Stargazing

Being located in a hidden area makes this little town far from the hustle and crowd of the big cities. Do you know that you can actually see the Milky Way at night? That’s why stargazing is quite popular in this town because most people coming to this place want to see the amazing view. You can take the pictures of the sky at night as long as you don’t forget your tripod and camera. Don’t forget to bring your jacket and a flashlight. There won’t be any light in some stargazing spots and the weather can be quite low and chilly.

2. Poring Hot Spring

Kundasang - Poring Hot Spring

Soaking yourself in the hot spring will make you relax and content. In most cases, you can refresh your spirit, mind, and body when you do this. Not to mention that the hot spring contains sulphuric minerals that are believed to have healing and therapeutic benefits. This hot spring is located in Kinabalu Park. In case you aren’t interested in the hot spring, you can always have the canopy walk and butterfly part – and other activities available in this park. Keep in mind to bring extra towels, clothes, and also rubber slippers if you do want to go to the hot spring.

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3. Foot Spa or Fish Massage

Kundasang - Foot Spa or Fish Massage

There is a little village not far from Kundasang and it turns out that it has a foot spa. The pond is lovely and the unique nice sensation when the fish nibbling on your feet is unbeatable. It is an experience that you will rarely find elsewhere. You may be able to find other fish massage spa but it won’t be the same as the one at the local village near Kundasang.

4. Tandem Paragliding

Kundasang - Tandem Paragliding

You don’t need to grow your own wings to have a bird’s eye view. Simply take part in the tandem paragliding activity and you will experience the sensation of flying – having the wind blowing past your face and hair. Not to mention that you will be pampered with the natural and beautiful view of the surrounding valleys and hills. It is certainly memorable.

5. Kinabalu Pine Resort at Kundasang

Kundasang - Kinabalu Pine Resort

Don’t forget to reserve a spot at this resort if you are planning to stay for several days in Kundasang. It comes in a modern wooden cabin and each of the rooms comes with satellite TV channels, water heater, and WiFi connectivity. You will enjoy the bonus of a beautiful view of the area.

6. Desa Dairy Farm

Kundasang - Desa Dairy Farm

If you want to feel the atmosphere of New Zealand with the cattle and the open fields, you should come to this place. Do you want to see the process is milking and its production? You can find it in this village. Do you want to feed the cows or the calves? Do you want to buy fresh produce? You can do it all here. You can even buy fresh dairy ice cream and enjoy it while gazing at the beautiful view.

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Sounds like an ideal way to spend your holiday, isn’t it? If you are planning a holiday there, manage and plan everything from now. If you want to book the flights, go to Airpaz and you won’t have to worry about anything else.


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