As a large and crowded airport, Kunming Changshui International Airport provides various supports and facilities for the visitors. Although it is located 30 kilometers away from Kunming city center, exactly in Changshui village, the airport support several transportations which enables you to reach the city center easily. You might choose the bus, subway, car rental or taxi. All of them also offer many lines to the best tourist destinations in Yunnan province. Are you curious about the lines? Check these out.

Kunming Airport Transportations and the Lines

1. Bus


Kunming airport offers several bus lines that take the passengers to Kunming city center and other popular places such as hotels and tourist spots. Here are the lines which depart from the airport:

– Airport – North Bus Station

Firstly, the bus stops at the Expo Garde, then Besichen Fortune Center and the North Downtown on Linyu Road. It takes 90 minutes for the whole ride and it departs every 30 minutes with the single ticket at 25 CNY or 3 Euros for each person.

– Airport – International Convention and Exhibition Center to Wujiaba

The line takes the passengers every 20 minutes to this destination and spends 50 minutes to get the destination. The fare is the same at 25 CNY/3 Euros.

– Airport – West Inn/Nanjiang Hotel

The bus goes to the destination by stopping two times at Xinying Community/Ziteng Hotel and North Railway Station/Xiongye Hotel. It takes 50 minutes for the tour and departs every 20 minutes with the single cost of 25 CNY ticker for one person.

– Airport – South Bus Station and Empark Grand Hotel

It departs every 30 minutes and the ride takes 65 minutes with the same ticket fare, 25 CNY/3 Euros.

– Airport – Dianchi Hotel

It stops at Zhonglin Building Materials City, Jinnanya Business Hotel, Dianchi National Tourist Holiday Zone. It takes 65 minutes for the whole rides with 25 CNY fare.

– Airport – Chenggong New ARea (Howard Johnson Tropical Hotel)

The ride stops at Empark Grand Hotel and South Bus Station/Luosiwan International Trade City which takes 90 minutes until the destination. The ticket fare remains the same at 25 CNY.

– Airport – West Bus Station

It takes 65 minutes until it reaches the destination and before it stops at Aviation Community and Jinnaya Business Hotel with 25 CNY tickets.

– Airport – Kunming Railway Station

It stops at Xinying Community/Ziteng Hotel and the Kunming Hotel. The whole ride takes about 45 minutes and departs in 30 minutes frequency. The single ticket fare is 25 CNY per person.

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2. Subway


The subway lines are also available at Kunming International Airport. There are four main lines of Kunming Subway. Line 1 is from South Ring Road and is ended at University Town South with the branch line at Chunrong street, Municipal Administration Center, Yihe Road, Burlington, and South Railway Station. Line 2 begins at North Coach Station and ends at Baofeng Village. Line 3 is from Western Hills and ended at East Coach station. The last one, Line 6, is started at East Coach Station and arrives at the Airport Center.
The ticket fares depend on the distance as follows:

  • The first 4 km is 2 CNY
  • 4-9 km is 3 CNY
  • 9-16 km is 4 CNY
  • 16-25 km is 5 CNY
  • 25-36 km is 6 CNY
  • 36-49 km is 7 CNY

3. Taxi


Many taxis are queued in front of the Kunming Terminal on the exit on the ground floor. For a taxi trip from Kunming Airport to Kunming city center takes around 30 minutes. The price prediction is around 20 CNY or 2.50 Euros.

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