Kunming Changshui International Airport is the fourth largest international airport of the hundreds of best airports in the world which connects Southeast Asia, Eurasian, and South Asia. It is located in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province in China, exactly in Changshui village, about 30 kilometers away from the city center. The airport is completed with the largest terminal building in the world until it reaches Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing airport in China. There are some important points to check at this airport which might amaze you as a traveler. Check these out.

5 Amazing Facts of Kunming Changshui Terminal

1. The Building

The Building

The Kunming terminal lays in the Southern part of the terminal area and between the two parallel runways. It consists of the main building, middle gallery, side galleries at the front east and west part, and the Y-shaped gallery. It comes with three layers on the ground and three underground. All of the buildings lay in the area of 159,100 square meters. The whole supporting merchants include 68 close stands and 68 aircraft stands. The building is also equipped by the free wireless internet covering the passenger security area, B1 arrival hall, F3 departure hall, and other areas.

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2. Airlines and Destinations

Airlines and Destinations

The airlines include 319 air routes with 38 international lines, 275 domestic lines, and six regional routes. The whole destinations include 89 domestic cities, 26 international cities, and 3 regional cities. It is already huge but in 2020, the airport will build Terminal 2 which include the – China Eastern Airlines

– Sichuan Airlines
– Spring Airlines
– Thai Airways International
– Vietnam Airlines
– Xiamen Airlines
– UNI Air
– Ying’ an Airlines
– Malaysia Airlines
– China Southern Airlines
– Dragon Air
– JuneYao Airlines
– Korean Airlines
– Kunming Airlines
– Lao Airlines
– Lucky Air

3. Control Tower

Control Tower

This tower is located at the flight zone and it is 99 meters high with one layer underground and 16 layers above the ground. It is built completely on Sep 29, 2011.

4. Runway


There are two runways built at the airport. First, the length is 4,500 meters and the width is 60 meters (the East) and the second is 4000 meters long and 45 meters wide (the West).

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5. Facilities


Kunming terminal comes with various facilities and supports which ease the visitors traveling through this airport. The facilities are categorized as follows:

– Dine and shops: restaurants, cafes, shops, and dutty free
– Baby and children: baby change facilities, children playrooms
– Financial: ATMs and Banks (China Citic Bank, Fudian Bank, Bank of Communication, Travelex China, Post Saving Bank of China) and currency exchange
– Transportation: parking access, transportation access, taxi/shuttle access, car rental services, disabled parking
– Medical: medical services in three first aid rooms
Luggage: luggage storage at the Departures Hall on F3 and at the Domestic exit of the Hall Base 1, luggage packing at the Departures Hall on F3
– Public: free WiFi access, 15 inquiry desks, lounges for showers and relaxing with many facilities

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