Visit and Experience Langkawi’s Best Beaches!

Langkawi is an area in Malaysia that is pretty popular for its beaches. You can literally find many attractive beaches with their own special characteristics and signature styles. Some of them are pretty busy – always crowded with visitors. Some, however, are pretty quiet. Langkawi beaches are more peaceful and not as packed as other places. So, where should you go to have fun at Langkawi’s Best Beaches?

Which One is Langkawi’s Best Beach?

1. Cenang Beach

Cenang Beach is on of Langkawi's Best Beach

If you are hoping for a busy spot with various entertainment and enjoyment, you have come to the right place. However, Cenang Beach may not be suitable for those who are looking for a quieter and more serene setting. You won’t miss a thing when coming to this place because you will find a lot of souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is also close to high-end resorts and budget hotels. One of the things to like about this spot is the amazing view over the Andaman Sea. It is easy to reach with the ideal location right in the center of entertainment. From this one of Langkawi’s Best Beach, you can reach Rice Garden Museum or Underwater World Langkawi easily.

2. Datai Bay

Langkawi's Best Beach - Datai Bay

If you don’t mind spending extra for your accommodations, then you should go to Datai Bay, where you can find exclusive resorts. Datai is situated in the northwestern area, and it can be reached via car (you can rent one) or taxi. It is around 45 minutes of the trip from Cenang Beach. This is a perfect place to go if you are expecting a quieter spot to spend the holiday. A lot of people say that you won’t be able to see much in this area, but you can always come to Crocodile Farm Langkawi or the Museum of Ibrahim Hussein Foundation. You should definitely visit this one of Langkawi’s Best Beaches!

3. Black Sand Beach

Langkawi's Best Beach - Black Sand Beach

This one of Langkawi’s Best Beaches is actually a fishing village, and it is quite small. You can take a walk or enjoy the view, but it is not the perfect spot for sunbathing or swimming. This is a place that is perfect for shopping because there are some stalls found there. But don’t expect them to be big. They come coming just enough sizes and plenty of options for souvenirs, such as accessories, clothes, and fabrics. This beach is located in the northern area of Langkawi, around 20 kilometers away from Kuah Town. This beach is open 24 hours, allowing people to come any time of the day. However, the shops and the stalls generally close before sunset.

4. Tengkorak Beach as Langkawi’s Best Beaches

Langkawi's Best Beach - Tengkorak Beach

Despite the name, this is one of Langkawi’s best beaches. It is also secluded, so it is perfect for those looking for a quiet place to relax. The water is perfectly blue, the white sand is soft, and the beach has its own forest too. Getting to the place is easy because it is connected to Datai Resort – and you can hail a taxi to visit this spot. You can have a picnic there with the gazebos and picnic tables.

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5. Burau Bay Beach

Langkawi's Best Beach - Burau Bay Beach

This one of Langkawi’s Best Beach with white sand has a beautiful view. The winning factor for the beach is the blue water – so clear and clean – which is ideal for swimming. This is also the perfect spot for an island view or for taking pictures. This area has its mountainous part, complete with rainforests, which are perfect for trekking and hiking. If you are into adventurous outdoor activities so much, you should head to this beach.

6. Pantai Tengah Beach

Langkawi's Best Beach - Pantai Tengah Beach

If you are traveling with families, you may want to visit this place because you will easily find resorts and chalets. The beach doesn’t have much area for sightseeing, but it provides a nice and relaxing spot – simply to break free from the hustle and bustle. If you want to escape the noise and crowd, this is the perfect spot to go. Spas are plentiful, and the nightlife activities are quite many. The nighttime is the most vibrant period of the day.

Langkawi beaches have quite a lot of interesting to offer. If you are interested in visiting the area, plan your trip with Airpaz. Book now, and who knows? You may get interesting offers!


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