Lau Pa Sat Unique Appeal and the Festival Market

If you are looking for a unique dining experience while in Singapore, why not going to Lau Pa Sat festival market? Not only you can enjoy tasty and inexpensive foods, but you can also experience a unique dining atmosphere. Go to this place (and festival) when you want to enjoy the combination of tasty local foods, great architecture, and fantastic history.

Lau Pa Sat Unique Features

Lau Pa Sat - Lau Pa Sat Unique Features

Telok Ayer Market or Lau Pa Sat is located right in the centre of the financial district. It is considered as one special landmark in Singapore and once chosen a national monument back then in 1973. You can recognize the place from its unique construction – ornamental columns and unique octagonal form. The man responsible for the construction was George Coleman. He constructed the place in the19th century. Many of the buildings constructed by him are still standing and in good condition, like the Old Parliament House.

The unique construction houses 200 different food stalls that are managed well and neatly within eight hallways. All of them will converge into a central atrium – where you can find water, soft drinks, and beer to accompany your dining moment.

Although the price is quite low, it is actually still higher than the regular public hawker spots, such as Bukit Timah and Old Airport Road. However, the food selections are various because you can find Western, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, and also Korean options. Basically, you can please your eyes with the unique architecture while chomping down your favourite foods. The combination of inexpensive price and the laid-back atmosphere will make your day.

The Food Options

Lau Pa Sat - The Food Options

It’s not difficult to find your favourite foods in Lau Pa Sat. Most of them have reasonable tags, starting from S$5. If you want rice variants, Hainanese rice and chicken can be a great option. If you like bread variants, roti prata can be another alternative. There are also other options like (spicy) chickpeas with Prata curry, carrot cake, Laksa (a noodle variant with curry sauce), and chilli crab.

After Dark – Street Dining

Lau Pa Sat - After Dark GÇô Street Dining

The appeal of Lau Pa Sat as the centre of culinary experience won’t stop with the regular dining time. After 7 PM (on weekdays), Lau Pa Sat becomes the connector of the street food market that occupying Boon Tat Street. Outdoor stalls and street food hawkers will be set up along the street, giving a unique view (and smell) of the street dining. As you walk along the street, you can smell the nice scent of barbecued seafood, chicken wing, grilled satay, and so much more.

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You will see plastic chairs and foldable tables cover the street, giving a unique view of the street. There is a special and unique feeling about dining on the street, surrounded by the jungle of tall buildings and constructions. This is a great example of how old-time food experience can mix well with modern elements. The street dining time will start from 3 PM during public holidays and weekends.

Accessing the Spot

Lau Pa Sat - Accessing the Spot

The festival market can be found easily at Robinson Road and Boon Tat Street junction. You can use MRT to get to the place. Get off at Raffles Place Station and choose Exit I. It is a really long tunnel that is located several blocks from Lau Pa Sat. If you follow the signs, you should be there. Simply go across Cross Street and you will be there in no time.

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