The First Line Theme Park in the World


What is your favorite chatting application? The rapid development in technology has made a lot of changes in our lifestyle. We used to do text messaging through short message service (SMS) which is prepaid. The more you send messages, the more your balance gets reduced. If it runs out, you have to top it up.

It will be different when you text using an application. The innovation and development of smartphones allow users to have a more flexible way to send messages. The application just requires the data plan, just like accessing other internet services. If you run out of data, you just need to find the nearest free Wi-Fi connection.

Line – one of world’s most popular messages applications
If you live in Asia, you must be familiar with the Line messaging app. Why are you not? Once being launched in Japan in 2011, it has been able to reach about 100 million users. The number got doubles only within 6 months. It was even rated as the biggest social network in 2013 in Japan and attracted more users mostly from Asia, including Taiwan and Thailand.

Line app is also as useful as other similar services like Facebook Messengers and WhatsApp. It offers stickers, games and animated characters. Those cool features make the app look more attractive. Not only for individual texting purposes, Line is also compatible for businesses. If you have used this app on your smartphone you must also have known with the original four characters, i.e. Brown, Cony, James and Moon. Some new characters have been added as well to create a more attractive chatting background on the Line application. Even the users can also create their own stickers.

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line theme park Bangkok

First, live Line theme park in Bangkok

Wish to feel the live experience with the Line characters? There is no need to hold your back. You just need to go to Bangkok and visit the indoor Line theme park, Line village. It is time to meet the Line Friends in real life.

Line Village in Bangkok is the first indoor park with Line Friends’ theme in the world. If you like family-friendly adventure, it is the right place to spend the time with kids. There are more than 20 experiences waiting to be explored setting in 1,400 square meters of land. Located in the centre of Bangkok, you will find the place easily.

Entrance tickets to Line village

Line village has been officially opened since June 6th. You can get the tickets from the front booth. The price starts from 650Baht for Thai children and seniors, while Thai adults have to pay for 850 Baht. Otherwise, non-Thai visitors or tourists are charged more, 790 Baht for children and elders, and 990 Baht for adults. If you do not want to wait in line and get stuck in the crowd, you can book the tickets online at least 72-hours before the chosen visiting date.

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Picture source: Klook

Take a look inside

There are some rooms set in the Line Village offering various interactive experiences. To take photos, you can rely upon the job of the working staff as they are signed to help visitors snap pictures from all the best angles. Here are some photo session experiences you can get:

• Chill out and read some books inside Brown’s cozy living room or meet him in the Beat Brown room and let this browny character be your DJ in the house.
• Meet the Boss in his office. He won’t get mad if you want to relax a bit sitting on his plush leather armchairs.
• Help Cony’s capture all corners of her pinky kitchen that are the fool of foods and sauces to pose with,
• Find the best treasures in Moon’s rooftop. You will find various tools for space here.

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Shopping for souvenirs

After finishing the tour with a bundle of experiences in the Line Village at the Line theme park, you must not forget to bring some souvenirs home. There is much cool merchandise sold in the store, from handphone accessories to polo T-shirts with the logo of Brown and Cony riding a tuk-tuk that you can find at this Line theme park.

How to get there

Line Village Bangkok location is in Siam Square, in the Siam District of Bangkok. If you go to Thailand by plane, you can directly head to this direction by taking the BTS Skytrain. To start saving for this trip, you can book the flight through Airpaz.


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