List of Countries with Most Infected Patient from Coronavirus (Last Update 16 April 2020)

The most affected countries of Coronavirus in Asia and Europe have been revealed. The data was based on Pharmaceutical Technology after the WHO declared Coronavirus as the global pandemic. From the list, mostly European countries that have the highest number of Coronavirus cases worldwide. From the top 15, 11 of them are European countries. That is to say, the countries are dangerous to visit. Avoid traveling there. Here are the top countries with the most infected patients of Coronavirus.

Covid Spread 16 April
Last Updated : 16 April 2020


Top Country with Most Infected Patient Corona Virus

1. USA

coronavirus patient in USA

In the USA the cases and deaths increase so fast. It can be doubled in just three days! It increased until 6,000 cases on March 17, with 100 death cases. The community spread and testing arethe main concern for Americans, but the testing kits are not sufficient across the states.

Currently, it is the most infected country in the world with more than 600 thousand patients.


2. Spain

spain coronavirus

In the third week of March, Spain has taken the South Korea place for Coronavirus suspect cases. From the first case reported on February 1, Spain reached the number of 11,800 cases on March 17. Spain now is the second most-affected country with Coronavirus. Tourism, which has been a crucial sector in Spain, was forced to face various impacts because of the global Coronavirus cases. Besides, the Spanish government suggests the companies for sending their employees to work from home to avoid the virus spread.

Currently, it is the second most infected country with more than 180 thousand patients.


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3. Italy

coronavirus in italy

Italy now becomes the most affected European country. The Coronavirus is too bad that Italy should lockdown and isolate from other countries. It is because traveling to Italy or Italians traveling to other countries has been reported to be infected with COVID-19. The government closed down the schools to limit the spread although the population still needs to be concerned. Until March 17, the Coronavirus cases reach 2,503 cases and the total cases from the beginning are 31,506 already.

Currently, it is the third most infected country with more than 160 thousand patients.


4. Germany

coronavirus patient in germany

The Coronavirus cases in Germany reach 9,300 which makes the country ban many public events and crowds including the Trade Fair, Hannover Messe. It is postponed due to the outbreak situation. Fortunately, until March 17, the cases of the deaths are declined at the 26 deaths number.

Currently, it is the fourth most infected country with more than 130 thousand patients.


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5. France

coronavirus causes in france

The country has reported that there are 7,730 cases of Coronavirus and 175 death cases. Therefore, the government banned any public gatherings in the country. Even the famous Louvre Museum in Paris was closed due to precautionary measures. It has been reported that Paris, the capital city, has been reported in Coronavirus-positive cases. The other areas infected are Bordeaux, Amiens, and Eastern Haute-Savoie. Nowadays, French has very few clusters with Coronavirus and the outbreak affects the French tourism industry and resulting from the visitors’ drop.

Currently, it is the fifth most infected country with more than 130 thousand patients.


6. United Kingdom

covid-19 cases in United Kingdom

There is also a massive outbreak of coronavirus in /united Kingdom. The United Kingdom quickly became one of the highest suspected cases of Coronavirus. The cases were first revealed when tourists from other countries have traveled from and into the United Kingdom. Worse, in the United Kingdom, many government officials and politicians are also infected with this pandemic virus. To control the Coronavirus spread, recently the United Kingdom put a tight restriction on its people.

Currently, it is the sixth most infected country with more than 99 thousand patients.


7. China

coronavirus in china

Number seven is China. It includes Macau and Hong Kong. All of those countries have more than 3,000 deaths and 74% of the global cases of Coronavirus until March 9. However, the good news came on March 18, when the cases decreased by 58%. Hubei is the most infected province within China and Wuhan. Hubei has more than 67,000 Coronavirus-positive cases until reported deaths. The Chinese government still monitors and controls the cases highly so that the number of cases is declining more and more since March.

Currently, it is the seventh most infected country with more than 80 thousand patients.


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The most infected countries in Europe and Asian should be avoided. Never travel there or you will get infected. It has been clinically proven that the one traveling there mostly experience the symptoms. Stay at home and stay healthy.


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