Ultimate Madrid Airport Terminal Guide Tailored Just For You

Being among Europe’s busiest airports, Madrid Airport boasts numerous terminals aimed at facilitating an efficient and swift passenger experience. Upon your arrival at this airport, it is essential to acquaint yourself with the Madrid Airport terminal.

Delve into the forthcoming article to gain insights into the variety of terminals, facilities, and services available at MAD Airport.

Madrid Airport Terminals

Madrid Airport Terminal

Madrid Airport stands as home to multiple terminals, each catering to both domestic and international flights.

Numerous domestic and international airlines operate within each distinct terminal, and you can conveniently access the comprehensive list here

With well-equipped facilities at every terminal, navigating your way and locating necessities during your stay should not pose any challenges.

Madrid Airport Terminal 1

Madrid Airport Terminal

This terminal predominantly manages a higher volume of international flights. The international airlines operating within this terminal are Air Europa, Lufthansa, EasyJet, Air France, and more.

Madrid Airport Terminal 1 comprises three levels, namely:

  • Ground Level: housing boarding gates A9-A12, the arrivals area, customs, and baggage carousels.
  • First Level: hosting check-in counters, departure gates B and C, as well as remote gates for A.
  • Second Level: designated as the VIP area.

Facilities and Services

During your time at Madrid Airport Terminal 1, you will have access to several facilities and services, including:

  • Restaurants and food: Notable cafes and restaurants within this terminal encompass Starbucks, Kirei, Burger King, Lavazza, Sibarium, and others.
  • Wi-Fi: Passengers can utilize the “AIRPORT WIFI AENA” network for internet access.
  • Prayer Rooms: Available options encompass mosques, chapels, and multi-faith chapels.
  • Smoking Rooms: Particularly situated within the VIP Lounge area.
  • Other Facilities: These comprise meeting rooms, lost and found services, ATMs, various shops, stores, and luggage storage facilities.


Terminal 1 exclusively houses one lounge, the Sala VIP Cibeles.

Madrid Airport Terminal 2

Madrid Airport Terminal 2

This terminal accommodates intercontinental, intra-Schengen, and European flights. Additionally, it serves as the base for boarding gates C and D.

Terminal 2 is organized into three levels:

  • Ground Level: housing baggage claim and the arrivals area.
  • First Level: dedicated to the check-in area.
  • Second Level: designated for departures, encompassing gates C49-C43 and D53-D66.

Facilities and Services

Travelers utilizing Terminal 2 can avail themselves of the following facilities and services:

  • Medical Service: Passengers in need of medical attention or health checks can visit the 24-hour medical service located within Terminal 2.
  • Prayer Rooms: A chapel is available within this terminal for passengers seeking a place to pray.
  • Free Wi-Fi.: The airport provides complimentary Wi-Fi for passengers, accessible through the “AIRPORT WIFI AENA” network.
  • Restaurants and Food: Terminal 2 hosts an array of dining options, including Café Pans, Urban Grill, Rodilla, Paul, Enrique Tomas, Mahou, and more.
  • Other Facilities: Additional amenities comprise meeting rooms, luggage storage, post office services, fax facilities, a kid’s play area, VAT refund services, baby stroller amenities, a playground, and more.


Travelers have access to the Sela VIP Puerta De Alcala lounge for their convenience.

Madrid Airport Terminal 3

Madrid Airport Terminal 3

Terminal 3 functions solely as a check-in area and is not an independent terminal. The terminal’s infrastructure is integrated with Terminal 2, and it operates gate E.

Terminal 3 encompasses various levels, including:

  • Ground Level: Offering access to Terminal 2, the arrivals area, baggage claim, and transportation services.
  • First Level: Housing Gate E67-E80 and E81-E82, as well as check-in and departure facilities.
  • Second Level: Designed for special boarding related to Gates E81-E82.

Facilities and Services

Within Terminal 3, passengers can enjoy the following facilities and services:

  • Free Wi-Fi: Easy access to free internet by connecting to the “AIRPORT WIFI AENA” network.
  • Restaurants and Food: Culinary options include establishments like Paul, Eating Point, and Santagloria Coffee & Bakery.
  • Other Facilities: Additional amenities encompass phone card services, ATMs, a playground, internet access points, a dedicated kid’s play area, meeting rooms, water fountains, and more.


For those seeking respite, the Sala VIP Puerta Del Sol lounge is available to passengers. 

Madrid Airport Terminal 4

Terminal 4 Madrid Airport

This terminal, inaugurated in 2006, manages various domestic and international flights.

Terminal 4 encompasses five levels, outlined as follows:

  • Level -2: Houses an underground train facilitating access to Terminal 4S.
  • Level -1: Dedicated to car rental services.
  • Ground Level: Pertains to arrivals and baggage claim.
  • First Level: Encompasses duty-free shops, boarding gates (gates J and K), cafés, and restaurants.
  • Second Level: Designated as the self-check-in level.

Facilities and Services

  • Restaurants and food: Options include establishments such as Starbucks, La Mary, Burger King, Take Away, Natural Break, among others.
  • Free Wi-FI: Stay connected using AENA’s “AIRPORT WIFI” network.
  • Lost and Found: A dedicated service for reporting lost items is available.
  • Air Rooms: Passengers can enjoy complete facilities for relaxation.
  • Prayer Rooms.:Available options encompass mosques, chapels, and multi-confessional chapels.
  • Other Facilities: An array of amenities, including phone card services, ATMs, a playground, internet access, kid’s play area, meeting rooms, and water fountains, are provided.


Passengers have access to several lounges, including the Premium Lounge, Iberia VIP Arrivals Lounge, Sala VIP Plaza Mayor, and Iberia Dali Lounge.

Madrid Airport Terminal 4S

Madrid Airport Terminal

This place serves as a satellite terminal of Terminal 4, connected via an underground train.

Terminal 4S is organized across several levels:

  • Ground Level: Features security checkpoints, arrivals, and M gates.
  • First Level: Encompasses boarding, departures, and gates (R, U, and S).
  • Second Level: Houses security checkpoints for R, S, and U gates.

Facilities and Services

Within Terminal 4S, passengers can access various amenities, including:

  • Free Wi-FI: Stay connected using AENA’s “AIRPORT WIFI” network.
  • Other Facilities: Available amenities comprise phone card services, ATMs, a playground, internet access, a kid’s play area, meeting rooms, and water fountains.


Terminal 4S boasts several lounges, including the Iberia Velázquez Lounge and Neptuno Lounge.

Inter-terminal Transport

Inter terminal transportation at Madrid

A shuttle bus service is available to facilitate inter-terminal travel. Additionally, the APM (Automatic People Mover) conveniently connects Terminal 4 to Terminal 4S.

Now that you are well informed about the Madrid Airport terminal, take the next step and promptly secure your tickets through Airpaz


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