Santorini is one of the top tourism destinations in Greece. Having crescent shape, Santorini or Thira is a part of an island group consisting of Thirassia, Apronissi, Palea, Nea Kameni and Thira itself. As it is an active volcano complex, Santorini is the result of intensive volcanic activity. But this fact does not affect tourists’ enthusiasm to explore the island’s town and enjoy a romantic vacation.

It is undeniable that Santorini in Greece is beautiful with its blue and white buildings and uniquely landscaped pathways. Every corner of this area is Instagrammable. If you share a lot of pictures on your account, then you must want to go to Greece. Is it too far for travel, or maybe too expensive? Why do not pick a trip to Bangkok, Thailand?

Yes, you can find Santorini Park at Cha-am, Bangkok, Thailand. Just opened in 2012, this amusement park offers many attractions including rides, an eye trick museum and retails. But importantly, you will find a glimpse of the real Santorini Park view with its white and blue architecture just like one at Greek.


Santorini Park in Cha-am has 5 different zones, i.e.:

1. Park Zone

Park Zone

Park Zone consisting of amusement park rides including the 131 feet high of ferries wheel, G-Max reverse bungee, and carousel.

2. Village Zone

Village Zone

Village Zone is an area of retail outlets such as Converse, Crocs, Adidas, Ed Hardy. There is also a boutique that provides cute souvenirs and handmade items.

3. Rest Area

Rest Area

Rest Area is the heaven of foods where you can find convenient stores and restaurants offering various foods ranging from desserts and Japanese cuisine.

4. Activity Zone

Activity Zone is an outdoor space to hold live concerts and performances.

5. Weekend Art Market

Weekend Art Market is offering a flea-market style shopping experience.

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Reasons to visit


Santorini Park in Cha-am is not only an alternative when you can’t go directly to Greece. It has its charms and here are things that may inspire you including the park into your Hua Hin Itinerary:

1. Photography chances at every corner

The awesome combination of blue and white on the architecture modeled after Santorini in Greece is the best attraction that inspires every photographer. You will find cute properties like bicycles, sculptures and interactive artworks planted on the whitewashed walls. The stone-paved streets can even attract your eagle-eye. Keep the object clean or take a pose to be captured.

2. Photo-shoot spot for couples going-to-be

Are you going to get married? Still, wonder where to have your pre-wedding photographs? Santorini Park is a nice place. Imagine how the colorful sculptures, whimsical musical notes, painted stairways and cute potted plants on the walls make the perfect backdrop. There are some wedding packages offered to book.

3. 3D photo-shoots

Take time to visit the Trick Art Museum. There are many creative paintings created with optical illusions. It is too ordinary for taking a photo with 2D painting. At this museum, your photo-shoot backdrop is 3D paintings.

4. Gorgeous bathroom

It is not a joke. The bathroom is truly awesome with its extraordinary interior, designed looking like the original Santorini in Greece. Stone, fish sculptures potted on the blue walls and water fountain as the basin are irresistible to not be captured.

5. A range of rides

Wandering around and taking cool pictures are not only things you can do when visiting Santorini Park. Whether you travel solo, with family or friends, you have wide choices of the ride to try. take for example the ferries wheel that lets you get the bird’s eye view of the whole park, a carousel ride to bring back of childhood memories and a trampoline for some workouts.

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How to get there

How to get there

Santorini Park Cha-Am is located at Kao Yai, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi, Thailand. it opens from Monday to Friday from 10:00 – 19:00 and Saturday to Sunday from 09:00 – 19:00. If you are a non-resident, you need to pay for about 150THB/pax as the entrance fee. But if you are a resident, you only need to pay for 50THB/pax.

If you want to go to Santorini Park from Bangkok, you can rent a mini-van for a round-trip, about 2 until 3 hours ride. Taking a shuttle bus from Victory monument is also possible. Before that, you need to take BTS from Bangkok. Go down from the station using the right staircase. There, you will find a narrow path selling the shuttle bus ticket. Simply buy a ticket for “Cha-Am” station which usually costs about 130THB.

There is no actual schedule, unfortunately. The driver will depart when the shuttle bus is full. So, make sure you come earlier to get the schedule well planned. After arriving at Cha-Am station, you still need to take a Bike Taxi as the Santorini Park is still 2km far. Prepare cash for about 100THB/pax. Do not forget to bargain, so you can save more on this trip.

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