Malaysia Cameron Highlands – Favorite Cool Retreat above the Sea Level

Malaysia has many highlands, offering a special experience to those who wish for a cool, peaceful and relaxing retreat like Cameron Highlands. It is one of the main four highlands located in Pahang. Situated at 1,828 meters from the sea level at the north corner of the state, Malaysia Cameron Highlands is popular at the most for its large tea plantation area. You can enjoy the tea time like a British at every visit.

Cameron highlands history

Cameron Highlands Malaysia was found by William Cameron in 1885. He was a British colonial government surveyor at that time. Going with a companion named Kulop Riau, he took a trip to explore the Titiwangsa Range. He saw a plateau when arriving at the peak of Mount Pondok Challi but the confirmation about Cameron highlands location was made after the next expeditions in the 1920s. That was how Cameron highlands discovered.

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Cameron Highlands attractions

  • Boh Tea Plantation
boh tea plantation Cameron Highlands

Tea plantation is the main attraction at Cameron Highlands. With the highland’s height, it had been known to be a potential area for growing tea. That is how today you can see the stunning view of lush leaves as the hills blanket. You will even have chances to learn more about tea plantation at Cameron Highlands Malaysia as well as tasting every product made from this plan.

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  • butterfly farm

The colourful butterflies are flying here and there, inviting you to play with at the Butterfly Farm. Take your kids also to see a big number of creatures at one place like insects, lizards, ducks and fish.

  • flower farm

Not only tea, at Cameron Highlands Malaysia, you will also find flower farms from the prickly cactuses to the fragrant and pretty roses or lavenders. It is not only the place for sightseeing. Bring home goods made from lavender as the souvenir.

What to do in Cameron Highlands

  • Stay in Tanah Rata

There are actually some towns located near this tea plantation. One of them is Tanah Rata where you will be to do a lot of things like shopping fresh groceries at the market, walking on the hiking trails and even enjoying the nightlife at local bars.

  • Visit the tea plantation

Cameron Highlands is truly a place for tea to grow. You can find some spots with the incredible view while enjoying a cup of tea and light snacks. Make sure to check out the souvenir shops to take some stuff home.

  • Join a cooking class

Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there are cooking classes around the town inviting everyone to join. You can even cook your own Asian tasted meal from RM 10.

  • Explore the Mossy Forest

Find more interesting view about nature by booking a trekking tour through the forest at Cameron Highland Malaysia. You will find a lot number of strange but interesting plants and animals.

Best time to visit

The weather there is cool all year round. If you are just fine with that and wish to spend the holiday at the cool place, you should make a visit anytime between December and February. Save the vacation flight to Malaysia Cameron highlands by purchasing the tickets at Airpaz

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