Male Airport Terminal: Unveiling Its Hidden Treasures

Are you planning to go to the Maldives?  You need to be familiar with the layout of the Malé International Airport to avoid getting lost while there.

An overview of the Malé Airport terminal is shown below. Check it out.

Malé Airport Terminals 

Malé Airport Terminals

Malé International Airport is rated as a regional airport with three stars. Malé International Airport gives visitors a distinctive experience by using seaplanes or boats for all ensuing transportation.

It has three terminals, six gates, and two levels. Internal airline terminals, international terminals, and seaport or seaplane terminals are the different types.

Domestic Terminal 

Male Airport Terminal

It is located to the right of the international terminal arrival entrance. Due to the lack of space on this island, the airport is likewise highly crowded.

The domestic Maldives flight terminal is two minutes from the international arrivals terminal.

Passengers are dropped off and picked up at the domestic terminal by regional airlines that operate flights farther from Malé and to more remote islands (internal terminal).

1. Services

services Male airport terminal

There are many services available, include:

  • A mother care area outside the arrival terminal for guests. Simply ask for help at the outside Help Desk.
  • Ticketing windows
  • Keeping Luggage. It costs USD 6 to USD 12 
  • Arrivals and departures 
  • Bag wrapping service. It costs USD 8
  • Free airport trolleys
  • Money changer 
  • Mobile operator kiosks
  • Shared lounge. It cost USD 25
  • Lost and found service 

2. Facilities 

Male Airport Terminal facilities

Some facilities that you can find here are:

  • Cafes
  • Waiting areas
  • Toilets 
  • Smoking room 
  • Prayer room 

3. Lounges

Male airport terminal lounges

There is Mooima Lounge outside the prime door of the terminal building, before the check-in counter and security clearance. Visitors from within the country and abroad are welcome. 

They accept Priority Pass. Spa areas with chargeable services, Wi-Fi, showers, and food, are among the amenities you can get by using this service.

International Terminal 

Male Airport international Terminal

Before transferring and leaving for other islands in the Maldives, travelers from all over the world assemble here. International Terminal has good services and facilities

1. Facilities

Male Airport Terminal

There are waiting places, a lounge that may be reserved, restrooms, a food court, WiFi, and duty-free stores available in the international terminal. 

All business class passengers flying on any airline are welcome to the Plaza Premium Lounge, which is situated in the departures area after security.

Travelers can pay to utilize the Wellness Lounge by Plaza Premium, the Leeli Lounge, which is only available to the elite, business, or first class passengers, or the expensive hotel guests-only lounges, such as those at the Four Seasons, Anantara, and Jumeirah.

2. Services 

Male international airport terminal services

Some services that are available here are;

  • Medical center
  • Mother care; and 
  • Foreign currency exchange

Seaplane Terminal 

Seaplane Terminal

Up until the new seaplane terminal, which is anticipated to open in 2023, the current one is still in use.

The hotel typically arranges for this transfer once you’ve made your seaplane reservation due to the proximity of the seaplane terminal to Velana International Airport.

The Maldives has the largest seaplane fleet in the world, with more than 55 aircraft operated by three different businesses.

Besides Trans Maldivian, The airlines that are operated here are Manta Air and Maldivian.

Since most hotels have agreements with one of these operators, selecting the operator for your inter-island transfer is nearly impossible.

There aren’t many alternatives because of how similarly priced and high-quality all of the flights and seaplanes are.

At Seaplane Terminal, you will find several facilities and services. 

  • fuel farm
  • spacious arrival lobby
  • VIP lounges and restaurants
  • Private lounges like Luke Resorts, St. Regis, and Constance Resort

Inter Terminal Transport 

Male Airport Terminal

There will be a free shuttle to make things simple. Visitors transferring to a seaplane are greeted by hotel workers holding banners in the international terminal.

The traveler must be escorted to the check-in counter so they can weigh their hand luggage and check their bags in. The passenger is afterward driven to a bus that goes to the port. There is a 7-minute travel time there. More are seated comfortably while waiting.

The shuttle for the sea terminal leaves at a location not far from the airport exit. 

Here are tips for using this transfer method:

  1. Seaplanes carry passengers only in good conditions and only during daylight hours (from 6:00 to 16:00). 
  2. On occasion, bad weather may force you to look for different transfer choices.
  3. If your flight comes in the evening, make a reservation for lodging close to the airport in advance since the transfer cannot take place till the morning. It makes sense in this case to choose hotels in Male or Hulhumale.
  4. It would help if you found the operator’s desk once you have left the airport. 
  5. If a guest has booked a hotel and paid for a shuttle, the hotel representative will wait for them at the Male airport exit. 
  6. Hotel representatives make transfer arrangements, not travel agencies.
  7. It should be noted that passengers board in the airport parking area, from which they are transported by bus. To get to the plane, you must cross a particular line.

Now you know about Malé Airport Terminal and its facilities. Now it’s time to order flight tickets. Book airline tickets without the hassle, only at Airpaz. Have a nice vacation! 


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