A Full Guide: Male Airport Transportation Methods

As you know, the Maldives is an archipelago. Maybe transportation will be a little confusing for you. For this reason, to avoid getting confused, you should read the following article about Malé Airport Transportation first. Check it out.

Male Airport Transportation 

Male Airport Transportation

Since the Maldives are mostly an ocean, getting from one island to another will require a lot of travel by ship and air. Although different modes of transportation are required to get to the nicest beaches, you may still get to Malé by taxi or bus. 

There are established marine and air communications as well as a transfer option between the resort and the major airport in the Maldives.

Male Airport Transportation Methods 

Male Airport Transportation

Only aircraft or watercraft are permitted to transport passengers to and from the airport because it is situated on its own island. Passengers can travel in 10 minutes by dhonis, or neighborhood ferry boats, from the airport to Malé, the country’s capital. 

The distance between the airport and Malé may be covered in 3 minutes by speedboats and hotel resort safari boats, which are also available. 

Trans Maldivian Airways and Maldivian Air Taxi both offer seaplane service for travelers. Domestic flights are available between the airport and the other eight airports in the Maldives, both local and international, via Maldivian or Fly Me.

1. Water Transport 

Male Airport Transportation

The greatest way to move around the Maldives is by water transportation. 

  • Speedboat – You can travel to a resort that is close to the airport with a speedboat.
  • Dhoni – The dhoni is an additional means of transportation. Locals use Dhoni, traditional boats, to travel between islands. Since they are constantly crowded with passengers, you may locate them at the port where they operate without a schedule. The cost is 1 USD. 
  • Ferry – Just like Malé, Atoll is accessible by ferry. You’ll need to wait until other passengers are brought to an island that is close to yours because ferries and boats follow a timetable and frequently stop at multiple islands along the route. This considerably lengthens the journey and exhausts seasick passengers. The cost for the ferry is 2 USD. 

Remember that if you choose to travel there by dhoni, speedboat, or ferry, it is still considered public transportation. You will travel on board with other people and their stuff.

2. Air Transport

Velana International Airport

The next method of transportation is air. In the Maldives, there are two options for air travel: regular domestic flights and seaplanes.

  • Domestic flights: The aircraft will transport you to the island where a domestic airport is situated. Many times, surrounding islands are where hotels and resorts are located, making extra transportation necessary to get there. If your desired resort is hundreds of kilometers away from Velana airport, we advise booking domestic flights.
  • Seaplane Flight: Seaplanes are utilized only for tourism and are not operated by regional airlines. It also picks up travelers from the piers close to the airport and takes them directly to the resorts of their choice. This mode of transportation is magnificent but also one of the priciest in the Maldives. It is preferable to take a boat from the airport to the hotel if you wish to go around on a budget. 

3. Road Transport 

Male Airport Transportation

Only the capital was equipped with highways. From Velana International Airport, you can take a cab or a bus to Malé City. Wheeled transportation is uncommon in the Maldives because there are few resorts in the city. 

Rarely do tourists visit; instead, they all hastily travel from the airport to the resort. The cost of a taxi ranges from USD 7 to USD 15. 

4. Airport Transfer 

Velana Airport Transfer

Booking a Velana airport transfer is the most effective way to travel to the Maldivian islands.

Advanced Speedboat – At the pier, a private airport transfer is waiting for you; the driver will know what flight number you are taking. 

You can easily locate your driver because he will be waiting there with a sign with your name; he will drive you to the vacation transfer. 

You simply take a seat, unwind, and begin landing on the turquoise waves. Enjoy the vistas of the Maldives and anticipate unwinding on a tropical beach.

Fixed-price Speedboat – Transfers for vacations can be paid for online. A private airport transfer from Velana Airport is simple to budget for because the fee is known right away when making the reservation. 

When you reserve a boat using the FLEXI rate, the price is fixed and includes all fees and taxes. When you make an online reservation, you may pay for your private airport transfer in advance in any method that suits your needs and in the currency of your choice.

Tips on Male Airport Transportation

Male Airport Transportation

Even though the information above is enough to guide your journey while in Maldives, here are some pro tips that you should consider.

  1. Domestic flight times range from 20 minutes for the nearest destination to 70 minutes for the farthest south, and they follow set schedules to various smaller airports in the Maldives. While seaplanes only fly during the day, the aircraft is operated at night. 
  2. Domestic flights typically cost between USD 110 +/- and USD 235 per adult for shared or scheduled airport transfers, with an estimated average of 20% off for children (1 to 11 years old) per way.
  3. If your transfer is shared, planned, or combined, you must wait for other travelers to leave the airport. 
  4. Private charter flights are offered from the nearest to the farthest regional airports for between USD 2100++ and USD 9500. A plane can accommodate 35 to 60 people per voyage. The cost of VIP events and business meetings is affordable for groups.
  5. You must wait for one to four hours at the domestic terminal to book a domestic flight. Domestic Gates typically close before 1.5 hours, although occasionally, they close earlier. 
  6. There is no ferry service at night. Due to the national holiday on Fridays, it operates less frequently. Ferries run every 10 minutes in the morning and every 30 minutes in the afternoon.
  7. Only during the daytime, from 6:00 to 16:00, and in favorable weather, do seaplanes transport people. Consider other transfer options because of adverse weather. Pre-booking a hotel close to the airport is advised if your flight arrives in the evening because you must wait until the morning for the transfer.

After reading Malé Airport transportation, you already have an idea about transportation in the Maldives, right? Order tickets and hotels immediately through Airpaz, so you don’t run out of tickets.


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