The Cheapest and Recommended Tourist Attractions in Mandalika: Some Are Free!

Mandalika is now famous because of the Superbike circuit. There are so many tourist attractions in Mandalika that you can visit near the Mandalika circuit. It is great news because so many tourist attractions such as the beach in Mandalika are free for you. You don’t need to pay for the ticket to enter the beach and some other beautiful tourist attractions. Here, you can find some recommended places to visit in Mandalika.

Visit the Beautiful Beaches in Mandalika


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For you who like to see the beauty of the beach with white sand and coral, you can visit some recommended beaches near the Mandalika circuit. Below are some beautiful beaches that you can visit:

Sari Goang Beach


First, you can visit Sari Goang Beach. This beach is often called Raja Ampat of Lombok. The beach is very unique because, in the middle of this beach, there is a small island that is made of rock with holes. This beach is still beautiful and natural because few people know and come to this beach. You can see brownish white sand. This beach is the best place for you who like to enjoy the sunrise. You can enter this beach by only paying Rp 15.000.

Batu Payung Beach


The second beach near the Mandalika circuit is Batu Payung Beach. This beach is unique because you can find a large rock that looks like an umbrella. This beach is close to Gili Anakanjan. There are some small islands too near this beach. For you who come to this beach, you don’t need to pay for the ticket. This beach is free for all tourists.

The Semeti Beach


Semeti Beach Lombok is the next destination that you can visit when you are in Mandalika Lombok. This beach offers you a beautiful rock transformation view. There are some activities that you can do when you visit this beach such as taking pictures with the rocky backdrop, going fishing, and playing with white sand. You just need to pay the entry price of Rp. 5000. By paying a cheap price you can get a priceless view of this beach.

The Telawas Beach


The next beach in Mandalika Lombok that you can visit is Telawas beach. This beach is rarely visited by tourists. That is why this beach is still natural. You can see coral rocks of various shapes and sizes. There is an interesting activity that you can do when you visit this beach. It is time to go camping on this beach. You need to pay Rp. 25000 for the entrance ticket. For you who need a tent, you don’t need to worry because you can rent a tent at an affordable price too. If you want to visit this beach without camping, you just need to pay Rp 5.000.

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Enjoy the Beautiful View from the Peak

Enjoy the sunset view on Mandalika Peak

If you like to climb the hill to see the best sunrise and sunset, you can visit some other interesting tourist attractions in Mandalika.

Merese Hill Lombok


You must visit Merese Hill. This Hill is often called the Hill of love. From the peak of this hill, you will be able to see the beautiful views. That is why people will fall in love with all that they see when they are on this hill. For you who like to climb this hill, you don’t need to worry about the price. You just need to pay the parking fee.

Tunak Mountain Natural Tourism Park


If You like to see the exotic natural beauty of beaches and hills, you need to come to Tunak Mountain Natural Tourism Park. You can explore this national park. The area of this natural tourism park is about 1200 hectares. This place is suitable for you who have a hobby in photography. You don’t need to pay a high price. To enter this natural tourism park, you only need to pay Rp.5.000 on weekdays and Rp. 7500 on the weekend.

See the Beautiful Waterfall in Lombok

Benang Kelambu Waterfall, One of the beautiful waterfall of in Lombok

There is some other tourist attraction that you can visit. For those of you who like to visit the Waterfall, you can find two beautiful waterfalls in Mandalika.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall


This waterfall is called Benang Kelambu waterfall because you can find more than one waterfall here. The water is not heavy. According to the story and myth, people who come to this waterfall can stay young and get more blessings. To enter this tourist attraction, you just need to pay Rp. 3000.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall


The next waterfall that you can visit is the Tiu Kelelep waterfall. Tiu in Sasak language means swimming pool. Kelep means Flying. When it is combined, it means flying a swimming pool. You need to pay Rp. 10.000 to enter this waterfall.

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