All About Manila Airport: Facilities, Transportations & Hotels

The Philippines has become a rising tourist destination. Therefore, the Manila Airport is now always busy with traffic. Moreover, as it raised its standard to become an international airport, it now provides more facilities and convenience to meet the needs of international passengers.

The airport’s full name is Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA. However, foreigners know it better than Manila airport. The government began to build the airport around 1983. Later, it expanded into several terminals serving domestic and international flights.

Now the airport has four terminals, becoming one of the largest airports in South East Asia. Moreover, it reached almost 48 million passengers in 2019. To know more about this airport and what you should expect after arriving at this airport, see the explanation below.

About Manila Airport

Manila airport resides around 7 kilometers from the center of Manila city. It has four overall terminals to serve Manila Airport flights. Aside from the four terminals, it has 2 runways to divide the scheduled flights.

In addition, the airport is also the hub for Cebgo, Cebu Pacific, Philippines Airlines, and PAL Express. If you have a flight with Air Asia, the airport is also available for this airline.

Unlike other international airports that separate terminals from domestic to international flights, the NAIA provides terminals and facilities with different functions.

The following information is the overall brief of what you can expect from the airport.

Terminals & Facilities

Terminals & Facilities
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The airport has 4 terminals and 2 runways. Each of the terminals serves different flights. Terminal 1 is for international flights, with the gates located on the west and the east of the airport. Moreover, it also serves almost all international airlines.

Terminal 2 is probably the busiest among the four since it provides domestic and international flights service. It is the one that serves the Philippines’ main airline, Philippines Airlines (PAL).

The rest of the flights not part of Manila Airport terminal 1 service are served by terminal 3.

As for terminal 4, it is the only one that serves domestic flights.

As for the facilities, you can get a free internet connection, childcare facilities, and lounges. To know more about the terminals and the facilities, find out here.

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There are various hotels available inside and near the airport. Moreover, you can also choose the quality of the service based on your budget. You can choose from dormitories to five-star hotels.

You can adjust it based on your needs. A one-night stay at the nearest hotel is recommended if you only need a quick nap and do not bring much luggage. However, bringing family members and big luggage will be a hassle.

If you bring more than one person, it is best to choose bigger hotels. The Manila Airport hotel usually also offers a shuttle service that will pick you up from the airport following your arrival time. Make sure you book the hotel beforehand so you will not run out of options.

Choosing a hotel can be tricky during busy hours and days like holidays or weekends. Make sure you know more about the hotel & reservation in Manila airport in the following link.

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It will be overwhelming if you do not know how to get to the city after you arrive at the airport. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the Manila airport’s transportation method.

There are various options for Manila airport transportation near the airport ranging from the shuttle bus, taxi, rented car, and many more. As for the fare, it usually depends on the destination as well as the time of booking.

Booking during a busy hour will charge you more as the demand is high and it isn’t easy to find a driver. Hence, you need to keep extra money for transportation and other Manila airport facilities. As for public transportation, the rate is flat and available without reservation, but you will need to wait according to their schedule.

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Duty-free Shop

Duty-free Shop
Duty-free Shop / Unsplash

Like any other international airport, NAIA also has a duty-free shop. In this section, you can purchase many items without paying additional tax as you bring them outside the country. Therefore, it is cheaper than buying in a store with tax included.

Some items available at the shop are tobacco, cosmetics, fashion, food and beverage, jewelry, and many more. In addition to the price, shopping at the duty-free shop is a good choice to kill time during the Manila airport layover.

To ensure you are familiar with the airport and stay aware of the situation, read all the provided information in the link. Once you do, you can book a flight to Manila Airport without hassle, only at Airpaz. With booking in Airpaz, you can have a safe and comfortable flight for your vacation. Book your flight now!


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