Trip Guideline: Manila Airport Terminal Facilities & Services

Getting to a big airport can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the area, especially if you are a foreign tourist visiting a new country. If you are going to the Philippines, you must arrive at the Manila Airport terminal. Therefore, before starting your trip, let’s get familiar with the terminals and the facilities provided here.

Manila Airport Terminals

Manila airport terminal

As one of the busiest international terminals in South East Asia, the Philippines Government is trying to accommodate the needs of international traffic. As a result, Manila airport now has a total of four terminals.

Each terminal is assigned different functions and serves different airlines. Among the terminals, there are two runways where a flight can land and depart from the airport.

International passengers can check the Manila airport terminal they are going to land or depart by checking on the ticket.

It’s better to know more about the facilities in each terminal so you will know what you can do there.

Manila Airport Terminal 1

Manila airport terminal

Terminal 1 in NAIA airport is the first international terminal to serve international flights. At first, all international airlines landed at Manila airport. Now that the government built terminal 3, some airlines moved to terminal 3, with several flights still landing on the terminal 1 runway.

As Manila airport terminal 1 is the oldest terminal in NAIA airport, you may find some old buildings renovated to match other terminals. The area in terminal 1 covers some facilities such as a currency exchange, help desk, child-care room, post office, lost and found counter, and smoking areas.

You can also access other terminals by using a shuttle bus to transfer you from terminal 1 to the nearest terminal. Moreover, it has two main levels; arrival and departure level. At the arrival level, you can find Manila airport duty-free shop while you can rest in the VIP lounge located at the departure level.

Manila Airport Terminal 2

Manila airport terminal

The next terminal in Manila international airport is terminal 2. Terminal 2 is the only terminal specifically serving domestic and international flights by Philippine Airlines (PAL). The government even put the national flag there, marking it as the national terminal in Manila airport.

Terminal 2 has two wings. The first wing is in the North, where they serve international flights. In comparison, the South wing serves domestic flights.

The Manila airport terminal facilities in terminal 2 include a restaurant, hotel information, prayer room, medical service, smoking areas, and currency exchange.

If you are carrying a baby, there is a baby care room for babies and minors

Manila Airport Terminal 3

Manila Airport Terminal 3

Now you are about to see the biggest terminal in Manila airport. Terminal 3 is newly built compared to terminals 1 and 2. It opened in 2017 and served international flights. In the beginning, NAIA terminal 3 only operated some international airlines. However, now more airlines are transferring to terminal 3 to avoid cramped traffic in terminal 1.

It has two more levels and a total of four levels with a parking garage for an aircraft. The level consists of the following:

  • Ground Level: for arrival and transit point
  • Second Level: for immigration and security check
  • Third Level: for departure and check-in counter
  • Fourth Level: for commercial store and VIP lounges

If you want to arrive at this terminal, make sure to check your airline and the schedule printed on the ticket.

Manila Airport Terminal 4

Manila airport terminal

The last terminal in Manila airport is terminal 4. Terminal 4 serves local and domestic flights. Compared to other terminals, this is the smallest terminal and acts more as a waiting area and local airlines hoster. Moreover, there is only a single level to claim baggage and arrival.

As for the departure or check in gate, the NAIA terminal 4 departure gate is on the same floor and on the west of the building. Since it is for locals only, the facilities are more limited. You can find restrooms, medical centers, charging areas, and food stalls.

Airport Transfer Transportation

Seeing Manila airport’s spaciousness, it may be too much to go on foot to reach the other terminals. Worse, you can get lost if you wander around without following the guideline. 

However, you do not need to worry if you have to transfer between terminals. The airport provides a Manila terminal transfer-free shuttle bus to transfer passengers from the previous terminal to the destined one.

The shuttle bus operates for 24 hours and seven days nonstop. Moreover, the interval of waiting time is approximately 15 minutes. Thus, you do not need transportation from outside to reach the other terminals.

Now that you get the hang of the Manila Airport terminal, you can plan your trip to Manila and prepare what you need for your vacation. The valid flight ticket will show you the destination terminal. Make sure only to book the ticket on a trusted site like Airpaz. Airpaz is the only ticketing service that provides a clean and easy-to-use user interface. Book your ticket now!


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