Junctions of Joy: Melbourne Airport Terminal Uncovered!

Melbourne Airport is one of the biggest airports in Australia. It has a total of four terminals that serve international and regional airlines. Moreover, the airport is also known as Tullamarine airport by the locals.

If you plan to go to Australia and land at one of Melbourne’s airport terminals, you need to know about the terminals, the facilities, and inter-terminal transportation.

Melbourne Airport Terminal

Melbourne Airport has four terminals. Each terminal serves different flights and airlines. Moreover, the airport originally only served regional and local flights. Now that more people see the city as a holiday destination, the airport expanded to serve more passengers.

Even though the airport has four terminals, only one terminal serves international flights. Moreover, the capacity is also divided based on the airlines the terminal supports.

Here is the complete information about the terminals as well as the facilities.

Melbourne Airport Terminal 1

Melbourne Airport terminal

The first terminal in Melbourne airport is terminal 1. In this terminal, Qantas is the leading airline to land and depart. In addition, Qantas is Australia’s national airline that takes up most of Australia’s airport priorities.

Being the first terminal, Terminal 1 is located on the northern end of the airport’s building. Moreover, it hosts most Qantas and other regional flights.

Melbourne airport terminal 1 has three levels and two concourses.

  • Level 1

Level 1 is on the ground floor of the terminal. Moreover, it serves as an arrival gate for passengers who have just got off the airplane. Hence, passengers will claim their luggage here after their arrival.

  • Level 2

The second level of the terminal is level 2. It is on the first floor of the terminal 2 building. In addition, it serves the Qantas airline and Jetstar passenger check-in area.

  • Level 3

Level 3 of terminal 1 serves as a concourse and shopping area. Hence, passengers can go to this area if they want to shop or go to an ATM.

Facilities in terminal 1 include a taxi and bus stop area on level 1, ATM, restaurant, shops on level 3, check-in counter, help desk, and internet connection.

Melbourne Airport Terminal 2

Melbourne Airport terminal

The next terminal in Tullamarine airport is terminal 2. Terminal 2 is where international tourists will land. This is because terminal 2 is the only one in Melbourne airport that serves international flights.

In addition, Melbourne airport terminal 2 has two levels.

  • Level 1

The first level of the terminal serves as the arrival gate. You can claim baggage and customs and ask for additional information. Moreover, it is also on the ground floor of the terminal, where passengers will arrive after they get off the plane.

  • Level 2

Next is level 2 of the terminal. Level 2 is where the departure gate is located. At this level, you will need to pass the check-in counter before boarding your flight.

Moreover, they also require you to pass the security check. It is important since all passengers need to be intact before they get on the airplane.

There is also a connecting hub where passengers can go to terminal 1.

As for the facilities, you can find a duty-free shop, restaurant, storage locker, shower, airport lounge, and currency exchange.

Melbourne Airport Terminal 3

Melbourne Airport terminal

Another terminal in Melbourne airport is terminal 3. Terminal 3 also serves domestic and regional flights. Its location is in the same building as terminal 1.

Moreover, Melbourne airport terminal 3 only serves flights from Virgin Australia airlines. In addition to the function, terminal 3 has three levels.

  • Level 1

On the first level, passengers can claim their baggage after arriving at the airport. Moreover, if you bring some items, they must also pass the customs check. Some items may have additional tax if it meets the regulation.

  • Level 2

The next level is level 2. Level 2 serves as the departure gate. Located on the first floor, passengers who are about to board the airplane will need to pass the security check here.

  • Level 3

At this level, you can find concourse and recreational facilities. Moreover, you can also find shops, restaurants, and lounges on this level.

Melbourne Airport Terminal 4

Melbourne Airport Terminal 4

The last terminal in Melbourne airport is terminal 4. It serves domestic and regional flights only. Moreover, it is the house of Jetstar and Tigerair for budget flights. In addition, terminal 4 is only split into two levels. 

  • Ground Level

Ground level serves for check-in, baggage claims, and transport link

  • First Level

The first level is to serve as security control and departure gate. On this level, you can find gates to enter the boarding lane.

Inter-terminal Transfer

The Melbourne terminal transfer is easy since the distance between each terminal is relatively close. Therefore, you can go to each terminal on foot. There is a walkway connecting the terminal. Hence, you can take a walk to go to the other terminal.

Now that you know about Melbourne airport terminal and facilities, you can book your flight to enjoy your holiday as soon as possible at Airpaz!


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