Getting Around The City By Melbourne Airport Transportation Methods

Melbourne is an interesting city to visit. Moreover, it was once Australia’s city center with a lot of cultural heritage. In order to get around the city, you need to get familiar with Melbourne airport transportation methods once you land in the town.

But don’t worry. The airport offers a wide selection of transportation modes for international tourists to choose from. To ensure you do not get lost in the city, here is the complete information on how to get by after arriving at the airport.

Melbourne Airport Transportation

You can select some transportation options near Melbourne airport to get around the city. Being one of the busiest airports in Australia, some public transportations already have their area in the airport.

Meanwhile, other transportation may only be available through reservation or online booking. For your convenience, make sure you choose the best transportation option to go to the city center.

The Melbourne transportation modes range from public transportation like bus, train, and taxi. Private transportation modes include rented cars, online drivers, and limousines.

Public Transportation

There are several public transportation methods to choose from after you arrive at the airport.

1. Bus

Melbourne Airport Transportation

The bus is the first and most accessible public transportation mode. Moreover, it also has a stop near Melbourne airport. The Melbourne airport bus stop for public access is located in terminal 4. The location is on the Ground Transport Hub. Therefore, you can directly walk to the transport hub.

As for the public bus, the fare is more affordable compared to private shuttle buses. If you are about to get on the bus, make sure you know the route for each bus so you will get to your correct destination.

The Sky Bus service runs 24 hours with an interval of 10 minutes for every bus stop. Therefore, if you haven’t had any bus to stop, you can wait for a maximum of 10 minutes until the next bus is ready.

As for the fare, it starts from 19 AUD to 39 AUD or 13 to 27 USD.

2. Train

Train 1

The next public transportation to try if you want to go to Melbourne city center is by train.

For the station you can go to different stations depending on your destination. For example, if you want to go to the city center, you can go to Melbourne airport tram-train line station 59 from Westfield Airport West Shopping Centre.

Moreover, you can also reach the Southern part of the city by taking a train from the Broadmeadows railway station. 

Going by train is affordable as it only costs from 4 to 12 AUD or 3-8 AUD. However, the approximate arrival time is longer than private transportation. It takes around 70 minutes to get to the Southern city.

3. Taxi

Melbourne Airport Transportation

Another option to go to the city without any hassle is to order a taxi. Some taxi drivers usually park at the taxi station outside the arrival gate.

Public Melbourne airport taxis do not need a reservation, as you can call the driver directly on-site. Another tip for booking a taxi without reservation is to look at your arrival time.

When you arrive during peak hours, the fare usually surges higher, and the demand will be high. Hence, you may find it difficult to find a taxi. However, the fare is normal during normal times, and it is easy to find a taxi.

Private Transportation

After public transportation, there is private transportation where you can hook up a vehicle before your arrival. The good thing about private transportation is it is more efficient, and you do not need to wait for an interval since it will be the one who picks you up.

Here are some Melbourne airport private transportations to choose from.

1. Rented Car

Melbourne Airport Transportation

If you do not want to wait for a bus or train, you can rent a car instead. Renting a car is more convenient and efficient since they will pick you up based on your arrival time.

Therefore, once you get off the plane, you can directly go past the arrival gate to continue your trip to the city center.

Moreover, you can also choose the type of car based on your preference. Renting a Melbourne airport car also supports different and multiple destinations, so you can go around the city easier. As for the rate of renting a car, it usually starts from 70 AUD or 49 USD.

2. Limousine

Melbourne Airport Transportation

While renting a car using a regular car, you can also rent a limousine. A limousine is more luxurious and has a bigger capacity.

It is convenient, especially if you bring some family members. Moreover, its prestige will give you the experience of driving a luxury car. Each time you book a limousine, you will be provided with a chauffeur who will drive you around the city.

Now that you know some Melbourne airport transportation methods to choose from, you can freely drive around Melbourne city. Remember only to book your flight ticket at Airpaz!


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