Join the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration in Singapore

Cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration in Singapore

Are you looking forward a family friendly event to visit with your children in Singapore? Your waiting will end soon because Mid-Autumn Festival is about to come. It is a loveliest Chinese festival where you can see the moon, take a part in the lantern procession and also taste the sweet mooncakes. Kids would love to go with seeing the event.

History of Mid-autumn Festival Celebration in Singapore

Mid-autumn festival is celebrated around September and October every year, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. This year, you can find it taking place on September 24th. If you do not have a plan where to go yet, it is worth taking a part in the celebration with family.

The mid-autumn festival itself signs the autumn harvest, held firstly around 600 AD during the Tang Dynasty. It also represents the grateful feeling to the Gods. People also use the festival to commemorate Chang’Er.

She was a legendary selfless woman. She drank the immortal elixir to keep the country safe from her ruthless husband, flew to the moon to have eternal life. It is said that Chang’Er used beauty to bless her worries, and people lit lanterns in her honour so she could see them clearly from the sky.

Today, the mid-autumn festival is more about the celebration of the moon, food, family and friends. It is held to show appreciation to the moon as it shines at its brightest and people will start to celebrate right after the sunset.

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Glowing lanterns
It is one of the best parts that children will love. They can choose between the traditional lanterns and the modern ones. The conventional lanterns come in elegant paper versions and are lighted with wax candles. The shapes are obtained from the multi-hued cellophane and wire structures which create cars or cartoon characters.

Alternatively, they can simply light the plastic lanterns complete with the battery operated music to make the lanterns processions more exciting. Do not forget to take a look at the lantern painting competitions.

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Taste the legendary mooncakes
The main highlight of the mid-autumn festival is the mooncakes. Do you know why? It is the legendary sweet weapon to set Yuan China free from the rule of Mongol. The rebels put messages inside the cakes and passed them through each other. It made the uprising remain undetected.

Unlike the previous time when you will only find hidden messages, you will get moon cakes filled with various fillings. The traditional version comes with lotus seed paste and egg yolk. There are also snow skin versions with many kinds of fillings from chocolate to champagne truffle. The best way to enjoy the tasty moon cakes is by sipping Chinese tea.

Activities to do

The mid-autumn festival in Singapore is just like the ones in China, especially in Guangdong and Fujian. People will likely have some activities to do during the celebration.


• Hanging lanterns
You will find colourful lanterns being hanged at many spots one or two weeks before the festival. They are lighted as night falls, giving a new look to Singapore with the colourful lights.

• Sending mooncakes
People send mooncakes each other to show their gratitude. They may bake the cakes themselves or simply buy at local stores. The mooncakes even come in many variants of filling like chocolate and durian.

• Wandering bazaars
The mind-autumn festival is also the best time to hunt a wide variety of items with Chinese style like ornaments, plants, clothes, fruits and more. You can go shopping with kids while enjoying live performances along the way. Do not forget to have dinner as well.

• Joining lantern painting competitions
If you have skill in painting, you must join in this competition. There are many people ranging in ages who compete to make the most creative lanterns. The best lanterns will be displayed along Pagoda Street until the mid-autumn festival night.

Save the event date
If you want to be a part of the mid-autumn festival celebration in Singapore, you must mark your date now. Importantly, you should book the flight in advance at Airpaz to get the cheapest price, so you can spend more of your money on the event.

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