Milan Airport Transportation: Accelerate Your Adventure!

Milan boasts an extensive and efficient public transportation system. Making the right choice can enhance your exploration experience. This article will provide you with information about Milan Airport transportation options. Let’s dive right in!

Milan Airport Transportation

Milan Airport Transportation

Transportation is crucial in travel as it significantly influences the overall experience. Choosing the best option ensures efficiency, comfort, and sometimes cost-effectiveness. 

Optimal transportation can save time, offer convenience, and enhance the travel experience by allowing you to focus more on enjoying your destination rather than worrying about transit logistics. 

Milan Airport offers various transportation options for travelers, making travel around the city hassle-free.

Transportation to/from Milan Airport

Milan Airport Transportation

Numerous Milan Airport transportation choices are available to and from MXP Airport, including taxis, shuttle buses, trains, and private transfers. Refer to the details below for more information!

1. Bus

Milan Airport Transportation

Three different buses for Milan Airport transportation services manage transportation between Milan Central Station and the terminals at Malpensa Airport:

  • Terravision: This service operates every 20 minutes from 5:05 AM to 00:10 AM, taking approximately 40 minutes to reach T2 and 50 minutes to reach T1. Tickets start from EUR 10/USD 10.69 and can be purchased online, onboard, or from Terravision ticket vending machines in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 arrival zones. More information can be found here.
  • Malpensa Bus Express: Running every 20 minutes between 4 AM and 11 PM, this service offers similar travel durations as Terravision. Tickets, starting at EUR 10/USD 10.69, are available online, onboard, or from Malpensa Bus ticket vending machines in T1 and T2 arrival zones. Check here for more info.
  • The Malpensa Shuttle: Operating every 20 minutes from 3:45 AM to 00:15 AM, it takes about 45 minutes from Terminal 2 and 50 minutes from Terminal 1. One-way tickets cost EUR 10/USD 10.69, and round-trip tickets cost EUR 16/USD 17.10, available online or onboard. More details here.

Apart from these options, the airport also provides services to other destinations:

  • Air Pullman:  Offering a service from Malpensa to Linate with specific departure times throughout the day and travel durations ranging from 70 to 90 minutes. Tickets for this service can be obtained online and onboard. 
  • Carronte: Connecting Milan-Malpensa Airport and Milan within 60 minutes, this service operates from 4:00 AM to 00:30 AM at 20-minute intervals. Fares for this service include EUR 10/USD 10.69 for a one-way journey, EUR 16/USD 17.10 for a return trip, and EUR 5/USD 5.34 for children aged 2 to 12 years old. For more info, click here.

2. Taxi Milan Airport Transportation

Milan Airport Transportation

A taxi ride from MXP to Milan typically takes around 45 minutes, providing a convenient travel option. Taxis are available at designated locations in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Taxi for Milan Airport transportation are easily accessible upon arrival, located at Exit Gate 6 in Terminal 1 and Exit Gate 4 in Terminal 2. The average waiting time for a taxi at the airport is approximately 5 minutes.

It’s important to note that taxi fares in Milan are relatively higher compared to other Italian cities, so it’s advisable to consider your budget before choosing this mode of transportation.

Fixed fares of Milan Airport transportation to various destinations from MXP include EUR 104/USD 111.17 to Milan, EUR 86/USD 91.93 to Fiera, EUR 116/USD 124 to Milan Linate Airport, and EUR 74/USD 79.10 to Varese.

3. Train

Milan Airport Transportation

Milan Airport transportation also offers a train service, the Malpensa Express, connecting the airport to Milan city center. Trains run regularly, providing a convenient way to travel between the airport and the city.

Terminal 1’s station is on the underground floor, while Terminal 2’s station is directly connected to the terminal via a pedestrian walkway.

Ticket prices of Milan Airport transportation for adults for a one-way journey are EUR 13/USD 13.90, and for children aged 4-13, the cost is EUR 6.5/USD 6.95. These tickets need validation before the trip and are valid for three hours from the validation time. 

Additionally, you can purchase a 30-day round-trip ticket online, priced at EUR 20/USD 21.38 for adults and EUR 10/USD 10.69 for children. This ticket allows travel within a three-hour validity period from the selected train’s time and date during purchase.

The train schedule is frequent, with departures every 60 minutes, operating throughout the week. The service runs between Milan Centrale and Milan Cadorna, with Terminal 1’s departure times ranging from early morning to late evening. 

4. Hotel Shuttle

Milan Airport Transportation

Numerous hotels in Milan provide shuttle services to and from the airport. To find out if your hotel offers Milan Airport transportation service, as well as to inquire about the schedule and any booking requirements, it is advisable to contact the hotel directly.

5. Airport Transfer

Milan Airport Transportation

Several companies, including Blacklane, Welcome Pickups, Suntransfers, and others, offer private transfer services from Milan Malpensa Airport. 

These services typically provide a range of vehicle options and can be conveniently pre-booked online. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Prices may vary based on distance and vehicle choice.

Generally, for a standard sedan or car, prices can range from around EUR 50/USD 53.46 to EUR 150/USD 160.37 for a transfer to central Milan. Larger vehicles or luxury options might incur additional costs. To obtain accurate pricing tailored to your specific requirements, it is advisable to check with specific transfer services or use online platforms.

6. Limousine

Milan Airport Transportation

Milan-Malpensa Airport provides chauffeur-driven sedans and limousines through the European Limousine Consortium and CTM Consorzio Taxi Malpensa at Terminal 1. These services are designed to cater to passengers who seek comfortable and luxurious transportation options. 

Furthermore, at Terminal 2, World Wide Group offers a similar array of chauffeur-driven sedans and limousines, ensuring that passengers in both terminals have access to high-end transportation choices for their travel needs.

7. Car Rental

Milan Airport Transportation

There are several car rental companies at MXP, including well-known ones like Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Budget, and Sixt. Booking a car is convenient and can be done easily online through their websites or various travel booking platforms. 

Generally, smaller or economy cars can start around EUR 30/USD 32.07 to EUR 50/USD 53.46 per day, while larger or luxury vehicles can range from EUR 70/USD 74.84 to EUR 150/USD 160.37 or more per day.

8. Rideshare

Milan Airport Transportation

Travelers can also access transportation services through popular ride-hailing apps like Uber and Free Now by simply downloading their respective applications. For eco-conscious individuals, E-VAI offers an environmentally friendly rideshare solution. 

This initiative provides convenience and promotes sustainable travel practices, offering options for electric and hybrid vehicles to reduce carbon emissions.

That’s all about Milan Airport Transportation methods. Check your flight schedules and tickets through Airpaz. Airpaz ensures an excellent travel experience!


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