It will be always fun to enjoy traveling abroad and explore new things that are totally different with your country. Before traveling to the foreign country, making a good plan is necessary. It is not only determining the places to visit, attractions to see and the time where you will spend the holiday.

But you also should consider the budget to spend. Manage your financial is crucial when you travel on the budget. For those who are going to visit Singapore, some tips below may help you to save money during the traveling.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

Use Public Transportations

It is a useful tip for saving money while traveling to any destination around the globe. Using public transportation will certainly cost cheaper. In Singapore, you can use the Singapore Tourist Pass that enables you to pay all buses and trains rides at once.

It is a perfect choice for every tourist who wants to explore Singapore to every corner of the country. The pass costs start from 10 SGD/ day and will be cheaper as you purchase a pass for two or three days.

Eat Street Foods

If you choose to eat out in the street food stalls, like on the Smith Street Singapore, you will spend much lower sums of money on it. The street foods cost less than 6 SGD and you can try kinds of local snacks there. Besides on the Smith Street, you also can choose the other centers street foods such as Chinatown, Little India, etc. that offer food that cost a few dollars/ meal.

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Couch surfing

To cut the budget for hotel stays, you can try Couch surfing to add more experiences of exploring the country. It is staying with local people that have the extra bed or even just a couch for you to stay for free. It will not only help you saving money but also meeting many great people. Besides, you might also get the local guide that helps you know the city much more.

Wait for the Happy Hour

During your trip to Singapore, you need to limit your drinking because of the expensive cost of alcohol. However, you can wait until the happy hour to purchase alcohol because you can get many great deals during the happy hour, including buy one get one free.

Doesn’t Purchase Bottled Water All the Time?

You don’t need to purchase bottled water all the time when you travel to Singapore because the tap water in the country is great to drink. It will save your money and also the environment at the same time.

Having the Free Walking Tour

It will be fun trying the free walking tour in Singapore, like the tour offered by Singapore Footprints. The walking city tour is great to learn about the history, culture and also architecture of the country.  Save more money by finding cheap flight tickets, you can find many options of cheap tickets on Airpaz and you can use price alert to help you adjust your traveling budget.