More Flight To China With Thai Lion Air!


Let’s Go To China! More Flight To Choose!

Hello Travelers!

China is a vast country with great number of attraction. Many visitors visit this country because of it’s fantastic Great Wall, but China is more than a Great Wall. There are tons of travel destination for you to visit. From a cruise in an ancient chinese town, breathtaking scenery, and don’t forget about the delicious chinese street food. Not limited to only for these attraction, China has more and more attraction that you can experience with your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Make China as your next travel destination.

How to get there? Don’t worry, Airpaz and Thai Lion Air has provide more than 100x flight weekly for you to choose, below:

Route Flight Frequency
Flight from Bangkok, to: 
Guangzhou 14 x Weekly
Chendu 7 x Weekly
Xian 4 x Weekly
Changsa 7 x Weekly
Shanghai 4 x Weekly
Nanchang 4 x Weekly
Hanchang 4 x Weekly
Nanjing 7 x Weekly
Chongqing 7 x Weekly
Tianjing 4 x Weekly
Changzhou 4 x Weekly
Jinan 4 x Weekly
Zhengzhou 4 x Weekly
Fly from Chiang Mai, to: 
Chengdu 4 x Weekly
Guangzhou 4 x Weekly
Fly from Chiang Rai, to: 
Changsa 4 x Weekly
Fly from Pattaya, to:
Changsa 4 x Weekly
Fly from Phuket, to:
Xian 7 x Weekly
Shanghai 4 x Weekly

How about the price? Where to book? Easy, you can find the best price and book Thai Lion Air flight on Airpaz,com right here.


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