The Most Beautiful Mosques In The World

Almost every country in the world has the biggest and grandest mosques. The building was deliberately designed in a truly unique and beautiful way. Here are some of the most beautiful mosques in the world that can make anyone feel amazed and fascinated.

8 Most Beautiful Mosques In The World You Should Visit

The functions of a mosque are not only as a place of worship for Muslims but are also used as a center for the religious activities of the Muslim community. In many countries, you can even find several mosques with unique and beautiful building designs so that they become one of interesting destinations to visit not only for Muslims but also for non-Muslims. Here are some of the most beautiful mosques in the world that you should not miss visiting.

Al-Haram Mosque

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When talking about the most beautiful mosque in the world, you cannot do without mentioning the Al-Haram Mosque. The mosque, which is also known as The Great Mosque of Mecca, is the largest and holiest mosque in the world with the Ka’bah, which is the qibla or center of worship for all Muslims in the world. Besides, this mosque is also able to accommodate millions of worshipers for both the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages each year, so it is no wonder that this mosque has hundreds of gates and amazing giant pillars.

2. Istiqlal Mosque

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This mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia that can accommodate up to 200,000 worshipers. This is what makes this mosque one of the largest mosques in the world. Istiqlal Mosque has also a stunning architectural design with a distinctive wall and pillar shape. Another uniqueness of this mosque is the name that means “independence” in Arabic. The mosque, which took up to 12 years to build, was inaugurated in 1978.

3. Putra Mosque

Masjid Putrajaya 2

Putra Mosque is located not too far from Kuala Lumpur. This mosque is unique because it was built in a position jutting into the edge of the lake, so this mosque is also often called the floating mosque. Overall, the concept of this mosque refers to the Persian architectural techniques of the Safawe kingdom.

One of the attractions of this Putra Mosque is its pink color because it is made of pink granite. Besides, the main dome of the mosque has an Arabesque-based shape and is up to 8 meters high that looks striking and beautiful from a distance. This mosque also has a magnificent gate with geometric architectural designs and features of Islamic art. On the left of the mosque terrace, you can see the towers of the mosque, which are tall and towering at a height of 116 meters.

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4. Camii Mosque

Tokyo - The Camii Mosque

The next most beautiful mosque in the world is Camii Mosque in Tokyo, Japan. This is one of the oldest mosques in Japan. The mosque, which is located not far from the Shinjuku and Harajuku areas, has a building area that is quite magnificent. This mosque can accommodate up to 1,200 worshipers. This mosque, which has a dome with a diameter of 25 meters also, has unique ornaments with the Ottoman religious architectural style. This mosque can give a sense of awe to anyone who enters it with a charming building design, ornate ornaments and very beautiful calligraphy.

5. The Great Mosque of Cordoba

The Great Mosque of Cordoba 2

Cordoba Mosque is the largest and grandest mosque in Spain. This is why this mosque became known as The Great Mosque of Cordoba. This mosque is located in a former temple to worship God Janus in the Roman era and the former Church of Saint Vincent during the German rule of Hispania.

When you enter the Cordoba Mosque, it is as if you are entering a forest of large and small pillars, 1.293 pieces were made of marble. The charm of the poles radiated through the light that hit them. The existence of the mosque can depict the glory of Islam in the past.

6. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia 1

Hagia Sophia in Turkey is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. In the past, this mosque building was a cathedral for Christians before finally being converted into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. The building with a giant dome is considered one of the finest architectural remains of the Byzantine Empire.

Another beauty that can be seen from this mosque is the interior, which has marble pillars and gold mosaics. The building has been turned into a museum since 1935 and has been discouraged from being used as a mosque in recent years.

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7. Education City Mosque

Education City Mosque 1

This mosque is located within the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) Complex. This famous Islamic mosque has modern contemporary architecture. The structure of the Education City Mosque is unique. The shape is similar to a scallop shell with shiny white color. The main room is quite spacious, supported by a large, sunken ceiling. Uniquely, there are small holes in the ceiling of the mosque with a random arrangement so that it looks like the stars.

8. Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque 1

Hasan II Mosque is the biggest mosque on the African continent. It is located in the city of Casablanca, Morocco. This famous mosque has 210-meters of towering minarets. This mosque also has a charming architectural design. You can find features of high-value Moroccan art with hand-carved stones and tiles with intricate mosaic designs.

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