Mount Moiwa and the Unique Viewing Point

If you enjoy city sightseeing from above and you want to the view of Sapporo, then you should go to Moiwa Mountain or Moiwa-yama. The mountain is forested and small and it is located in the southwestern area of Sapporo. It has an observation deck so you can see Sapporo from above. The view is amazing with refreshing air – and it gets more beautiful after sunset. No wonder if this spot becomes popular among tourists – whether they are locals or foreigners.

The Viewing Point

Moiwa Mount - The Viewing Point

One signature characteristic of Mount Moiwa is the viewing point. Not only you can enjoy the view of Sapporo, but you can also see Ishikari Bay and Ishikari Plain, thanks to its 360-degree viewing angles. It is no wonder if the Ainu people would view the mountain as a sacred place, home of the gods. They named it Inkarushibe, meaning ‘a place to climbed and looked out over.’ As it was mentioned before, the mountain is a forested one and the surrounding environment is chosen as one of Hokkaido’s top 100 Natural Features. Hokkaido government also chose it as a Natural Monument as well as serving as a habitat for the black woodpecker, Ezo red fox, and also Hokkaido squirrel.

Because of the scenic view, you can find the Bell of Happiness, a popular and favourable dating spot. It is believed when people put a padlock on the handrail, they will be together forever. Besides nature viewing, the Viewing Point is also popular for proposals for couples.

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Reaching the Viewing Point

Moiwa Mount - Reaching the Viewing Point

You will need to take a ropeway from the mountain base. Ropeway is an aerial lift line. After three quarters up, there will be a transfer station. You need to get off there. You continue your travel with a mini cable car to the upper station at the summit. Once you reach it, you will see an observation deck and also a restaurant. The view is just amazing. You should be able to find a theatre and a planetarium too.

There is a ski resort on the southeastern slope of the mountain. This is a resort for skiers only and it has several runs. The location is pretty close to Sapporo. However, the entrance and access are different from the ropeway. If you are interested in coming to the resort, be sure to find as much information as possible so you won’t get to the wrong place.

How to Get to Mount Moiwa

Moiwa Mount - How to Get to Mount Moiwa

If you are using public transportation, you need to take the streetcar (the one and only) from Susukino heading to Ropeway Iriguchi Station. The streetcar has frequent departure and it takes 25 minutes to reach it. If you are willing to pay 200 yen, you are good to go. After you reach Iriguchi Station, take the free shuttle bus to the lower ropeway station. As an alternative, you can walk from Iriguchi Station to Moiwa Ropeway.

If you go by car, take the Kanko Highway that will take you to the southwest area of Moiwa Mountain. Once you reach the summit, you will find a parking lot. This entrance is accessible between mid-April and early November. The cost of the car is 660 yen.

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The ropeway operates from 10.30 AM to 22 PM. Between December and March, it opens from 11 AM. There are different fees for different users. It takes 1700 yen for the mini cable car and ropeway roundtrip. It takes 1100 yen for the ropeway roundtrip only and it takes 600 yen for mini cable car roundtrip only.

If you are interested in coming to Japan and drop by at Moiwa Mountain, you should start the planning from now. Plan you are itinerary and don’t forget to manage your flight reservation at Airpaz. Who knows? You may enjoy interesting offers!


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