Climbing the Famous Mount Ophir in Johor Malaysia

Mount Ophir Johor Malaysia is a well-known mountain that you can find in Gunung Ledang National Park. Located in Tangkak District, Johor Malaysia, it stands at 1,276m and gets the fame as the tallest peak in Johor and the 64th highest one in the country.

Mount Ophir History

Mount Ophir orogin’s name is explained in some opinions. An ancient record tells how this mountain becomes a gold mine, attracting traders from Greece and China. The word of Ophir itself is even mentioned in the Torah or Hebrew Bible as a land with rich natural resources at the biblical era. British cartographers also have used Ophir to name the mountain since 1801.

Mount Ophir Malaysia is also called as Gunung Ledang. This name is more familiar to locals, especially its famous folklore. It told how Sultan Mahmud Shah, Sultan of Malacca wanted to marry a princess who resided on the mountain.

To reject this proposal, she requested seven conditions that were impossible to do, including seven jars of virgin women’s tears, seven trays of mosquitoes; and a bowl of his own son blood. As sultan could not fulfill all of those difficult requests, the princess flew and lived in the hidden cave.

Besides the popular history and legend of mount Ophir Malaysia, people like to go there as the alternative of Gunung Mulu national park hiking. Why? Location of Gunung Mulu national park is in Miri Division, Sarawak Malaysia. It has started a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its caves and karst formations. Though it offers spectaculars view, the landscapes are still quite challenging, especially for amateur hikers. That is why it is more recommended to climb mount Ophir.

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source: iwannatravel
source: iwannatravel

Best Time to Climb Mount Ophir

If you want to experience yourself climbing the famous mount Ophir Malaysia, you should spare time within the non-monsoon season. It lasts from March to October. At that time, the mount Ophir temperature will relatively fine, but you can still expect for rain. So, you should not leave your raincoat. You will need this equipment more when the mount Ophir weather turns to be rainy all the days during the monsoon season.

Mount Ophir Tips for Hikers

There are several routes to reach the peak of Mount Ophir, allowing hikers from different genres finding their own suitable paths. It does not matter if you are still amateur. If you are looking for true challenges, the tough obstacles are also available. Whatever route you take, these some tips may help:

• Make well preparation before deciding to climb up the mountain. There are over 400 steps of stair to reach the summit. It will take serious physical strength, so you must get yourself ready to get toned legs.

• Always have a pair of gloves on. You may never think how it will be useful. But, you can grip the trees’ roots or trunks to foot stable. The gloves are needed to protect your hands.

• The highest path is the toughest trail to reach the mount Ophir Malaysia summit. There are some “killer” obstacles waiting, including boulders, ladders, and ropes. It is time to make the use of your strength mostly in arms. You must go slow and always listen to your guide to stay safe. Make sure your pants are also stretchable.

How to Get to Mount Ophir

So, have you decided to spend the holiday with climbing the mount Ophir? It is possible to take one-day itinerary. You just need to adjust your available time. To get there, you can go to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur by plane. Find the best airfare tickets at Airpaz website.

Then, you can take public transportation like buses and trains to reach Segamat. It is also possible to directly ride your own car to Sagil, where you will find the famous mount Ophir Johor Malaysia. Happy traveling

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