Museum of Ice Cream Singapore: The Place Where Your Photogenic and Sweet Tooth Sides Meet

Museum of Ice Cream Singapore is one of the best tourist destinations that you will find in the country. It is located in Dempsey and the location is basically huge. It is like more than 6,000 sq ft of museum full of amazing installations. The museum is going to spoil everyone, including ice cream lovers and those who are keen to take pictures for their Instagram contents.

Everything about Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

If you have never visited Museum of Ice Cream Singapore, do not worry as there will be information about everything you need to know about the museum, including what to expect there, the ticket fee, the opening hours, as well as how to get to the location. Before visiting this place, it is better for you to read the information below.

What to Expect There?

Sundae treat at Museum of Ice Cream
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The museum has numerous amazing installations that you have to explore. After all, it is made in global-scale. Besides Singapore, the museum is also established in three other locations in the world: New York City, Austin Texas, and Chicago Illinois. These are four of many attractions you should try in the museum.

Unlimited Ice Cream Treat at Scream’s Diner

Scream dinner
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It is the museum of ice cream, so surely there will be the icy frozen desserts served there. Unlimited ice cream of any kinds will be served to the guests at Scream’s Diner area. The ice cream is all for FREE, and you can eat as many as you can. It is truly a treat for anyone who loves the dish.

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Sprinkle Pool

This is probably the most-favorite display in the museum of ice cream. This attraction is a giant pool filled with giant plastic sprinkles. You can get in the pool that essentially works exactly like a ball pit. It is a great fun, and children can have the best time exploring the pool.

Pink and Yellow Banana Jungle

Pink and Yellow banana Jungle
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This is one of the most amazing installations in this ice cream museum. It is the perfect place to snap a few pictures here and there. The jungle works like a beautiful backdrop for your Instagram content photos.

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Marble Run

Marbles run
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The museum also has a marble run installation where you can explore the area full with kid’s play and unique scenery. Everything in this location is perfect for Instagram, and you will find tons of people snapping pictures

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Ticket Fee

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To visit Museum of Ice Cream Singapore, you will have to buy some ticket, of course. Babies and kids under the age of 2 do not need any ticket to enter the museum. In addition, per person is charged SGD 42 for single admission, and for a group of two, you should pay SGD 40 per person. If you are coming in a group of 5, the ticket is SGD 38 per person.

Opening Hours

Opening hours
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This Singapore museum is quite unique as it does not open its gate every day. It opens only from Thursday to Sunday. You can visit the museum from 10 AM to 11 PM. The last entry will be at 9 PM. To get better experience, it is suggested you visit around 10 AM because the museum is not crowded.

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How to Get There

How to get ther
You can use any public transportation, one of them is bus

The museum of ice cream Singapore is located in 100 Loewen Road, Dempsey, Singapore 248837. If you plan to use public transportation, you can use bus and then stop at CSC Dempsey Clubhouse. From there, you can walk directly to the museum. It will take less than 10 minutes.

Pet and Strollers Policies

No pets
You cannot bring pets to the museum

When visiting Museum of Ice Cream Singapore, you cannot bring your pets. The dogs, cats, and all sorts of pet won’t be allowed to enter the exhibit. If you bring stroller, you can place it in your car or leave it outside the museum. However, it will be unattended, and the museum won’t take responsibility for any loss or damage.

What to Bring?

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You should bring your ID at entrance gate for entering the Museum

There is nothing specific to bring when you visit Museum of Ice Cream Singapore. You should bring your ID as it will be used at the entrance gate. The museum is full of unique scenery, so you are encouraged to bring your camera and take pictures in the museum. It is for personal-used photography only, though, since commercial photography is strictly prohibited in the museum.

For those who love the shade of pink, delicious icy desserts, as well as an Instagram-friendly location, surely this museum is the perfect place to spend your day. It won’t take long to explore the whole exhibition, and it will take probably like an hour, or an hour and a half. After that, you are allowed to visit the cafeteria to enjoy the culinary delight served by the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore. Well, you can buy the flight ticket or book the accommodation in Singapore via Airpaz apps. It is also accessible on


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