Must Try Food in Malaysia that You Shouldn’t Miss

One of the greatest things about travelling is to try the signature dishes, especially if the place is known for its many variants of street foods.

If you are travelling to Malaysia, you will see hawker stalls almost everywhere – big or small streets, and even outside coffee shops or shopping centres.

These hawker stalls are great if you are looking for the unique dish without hurting your wallet. These stalls offer you great chances to try different kinds of foods – think of all the fun of moving from one stall to another. And don’t forget the nice smell too!

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Popular Malaysian Food

  • Flatbread or Roti Canai

If you look at it, you probably think that it is similar to the tortilla. Well, almost but they are completely different. Roti canai has this flaky texture, and instead of being used for a wrapping, you will have to dip it into the curry – or another type of sauce.

This is the popular breakfast in Malaysia, so you should give it a go. Finding the stalls around Malaysia is pretty easy but if you are in Penang, you should come to Jalan Transfer 56. The price is around RM1 to RM1.5 per piece.

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  • Rice Noodles with Fishy Soup or Assam Laksa

So, as the name suggests, it is the sour fishy soup with tamarind, adorned with ginger flowers (the pink thingy), cucumber matchsticks, and bird’s eye chillies (the green one). And it has rice noodles within the soup.

The price is around RM12 to RM13. One of the most popular stalls is in Weld Quay, right on Weld Quay and Gat Lebuh Acheh intersection. Weld Quay is sometimes referred to as Pangkalan Weld.

  • Pulled Tea or Teh Tarik

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This is one of the most popular types of beverage to try while in Malaysia. In fact, Teh Tarik is often associated with Malaysia because of the unique trait. If you come to a place selling roti canai, it is most likely that you will find this drink too.

Roti canai and Teh Tarik are quite popular at many Indian cafes. It’s a black tea mixed with condensed milk, but the unique part is where the seller will ‘pull’ it – it is basically pouring the mix between two metal cups back and forth.

The idea is to cool it and make it frothy. The pulling can happen at an impressive distance, so it is the action that is worth watching. You should have no problems finding hawker stalls selling Teh Tarik all over Malaysia.

  • Stuffed Pancake or Apom Balik

This is a completely different type of pancake that you have been familiar with. It is a pancake made from sticky rice flour stuffed with cream corn. While the seller is cooking the batter, he will spoon the corn to it so the entire look is fluffy and also egg-ish.

Then he will fold it (it takes a special skill and experience) like the loose taco so the inside is still sticky while the edges are crispy and crunchy enough. The price is various in between RM 13 to RM15. Finding the stalls should be easy everywhere, but the most popular one is at Tan Jetty in Penang.

  • Duck and Noodle Soup or Koay Chiap

The soup is made from gizzards, boiled egg soaked in soy sauce, duck meat (shredded), coagulated blood, and ride noodles with Chinese celery cuts and bits. If you are looking for something hot with a lot of broth, this would be the perfect one. The price can range from RM8 to RM25. The most popular place to sell it is located on Kimberly Street, but it only opens at night.

Sound exciting and tasty, right? Those are just several examples of great foods in Malaysia because you will see more of them if you are travelling there. If you are eager to plan a trip to Malaysia soon with Air Asia Malaysia, You can find at Airpaz as your travel partner. Happy traveling


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