Narita Airport Duty-free Items You Definitely Can’t Miss!

When visiting one of the biggest international airports in Japan, it is almost compulsory to check out what they have stashed in their duty-free shops. At Narita International Airport, you can check out and purchase the items you want directly, but you can also do pick-ups later when you arrive there. There are many duty-free shops at Narita Airport, from FaSoLa Shops to ANA Duty-Free.

Narita Airport Duty-free Items

Narita Airport Duty-free

Narita Airport’s duty-free shopping area is a haven for travelers looking for high-quality products at great prices. Whether you’re searching for the latest tech gadgets, luxury fashion items, or delicious snacks, Narita Airport’s duty-free shops have everything you need to enhance your travel experience. Let’s see what items Narita Airport has to offer in its duty-free shops.

1. Cosmetics

Narita airport duty-free items cosmetics

Ladies, ready yourselves for one of the widest cosmetics selections you have ever seen in any duty-free shops worldwide. Many brands, starting from SK-II, Kanebo, Clé de Peau Beauté, SHISEIDO, POLA, ADDICTION, GUERLAIN, and GIVENCHY, are barely scratching the surface. These brands are ready for you to pick and choose from in all the duty-free shops in Narita Airport.

Anything you can dream of, from eye shadows, brushes, and skin protectors. Mascaras, lotions, skincare, blushers, lip glosses, and many more can be found here. With prices ranging from $13 to more than $1300, you will need a few hours to check a fraction of what these duty-free shops offer.

2. Perfumes

Narita airport duty-free items perfumes

Usually, cosmetics are grouped alongside perfumes, but they are shown separately due to the extensive list of perfumes that are also offered. Just like cosmetics, you will have a wide selection to choose from. DIOR, GUCCI, BVLGARI, Calvin Klein, Chloe, BURBERRY, SERGE LUTENS, CLINIQUE, and LOCCITANE are among the brands of perfume you can find here.

All brands above are spread among all duty-free shops in Narita Airport. Each shop may specialize in one brand more than the other. For example, Fa So La duty-free has more VERSACE products for men than other duty-free shops. 

Naturally, perfumes for men and women are equally available, so you can buy them for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. The pricing starts from $22 for a bottle of CLINIQUE perfume to $2300 for a bottle of Penhaligon’s.

3. Alcohol

Narita airport duty-free items alcohols

Speaking of duty-free, of course, Alcoholic products would not be far away from our list. As a typical duty-free shop would, Narita Airport’s duty-free has a phenomenal variety of alcohol and liquor. Starting from single malt, cognac, gin, brandy, whisky, and probably the most unique alcoholic beverages that are hard to find in other duty-free shops, traditional Japanese Sake, Shōchū, and plum wine.

Famous brands include NIKKA, SUNTORY, REMY MARTIN, Henessy, Perrier Jouet, Niigata, Kyoto, Hyogo, CHIVAS REGAL, and many others. No shortage of drinks can fill your glass and satisfy your taste. The cheapest gin goes from $15 to the most expensive, REMY MARTIN Louis XIII Magnum 1500 ml, which is on sale for almost $7300.

4. Tobacco

Narita airport duty-free tobaccos

Tobacco is also a common item in many duty-free shops in an airport. For tobacco-related items, Narita Airport duty-free shops offer the usual cigarettes, with Japanese and overseas brands, alongside electronic cigarettes and their equipment and cigars. Brands such as Marlboro, MEVIUS, IQOS, WINSTON, SEVEN STARS, LARK, and several others are included in their lines of items available for purchase.

The cheapest tobacco product, usually an electric cigarette, goes from $15 to around $65, which is typically an electric cigarette. For cigars, the price ranges from $96 to $184 and is dominated by Davidoff. Most cigars can be found in ANA Duty-Free Shop.

5. Food Products as the Best Narita Airport Duty-Free Items

Narita airport duty-free snacks

Food products in the duty-free shops at Narita Airport are currently limited to chocolates. Nevertheless, you can be sure that they are selling quality products. The duty-free shop that sells most chocolate products is ANA Duty-free shop.

The chocolate products range from $5 at the cheapest to $13 for a box of chocolate at the most expensive. The chocolate sold in this store is by Ishiya Confectionary, known for producing sweets, such as cakes, biscuits, and many more.

6. Electrical Appliances and Camera

Narita airport duty-free cameras

In addition to many items specified above, Fa So La shops in Narita Airport Terminals 1 and 2 also sell electrical equipment, such as Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, headphones, walkmans, and cameras. Many products, especially the cameras, are from SONY and BOSE brands.

Regarding the products’ price, only walkmans products have a fixed price on their website. The other items have to be inquired directly to their website.

Before we conclude the duty-free shop’s section, it is to be noted that in FaSoLa Shops and Japan Duty-Free shop, items can be pre-ordered if you want to purchase and pick them up later at Narita Airport by showing them the purchase receipts. For more detailed information, please refer to FaSoLa’s website and Duty-free Japan’s website.

So, have you put the items you want to buy on your wish list yet? Or are you still choosing what to buy on your next visit to duty-free shops at Narita Airport? While at it, don’t forget to book your trip to Japan for your next out-of-country vacation! Head over to to receive special promotions just for you!


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