Which Narita Airport Transportation Option is Best for You?

Whether you want to go to or from Narita International Airport, Japan, the method of transportation that you can choose from is far from limited. There are various trains, busses, taxis, and Airport transfers that you can take to get to or from the airport.

Narita Airport Transportation Option

Narita Airport boasts a large number of transportation options including buses and trains, all of which are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. But with so many choices available, which one is the perfect fit for your travel needs? Now, let’s look at each one in more detail!

1. Train

Narita Airport transportation option trains

The most popular method of transportation is by trains, more specifically, JR and Keisei trains. These train companies are the bread and butter of airport transportation because the airport has a train station that allows trains to make a direct stop at the airport. So, you just need to sit tight, and they will take you to the airport.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of each train that stops at the Narita Airport Station.

For the map of each train service at Narita Airport Station, please refer to the link below:


2. JR Trains

JR trains Narita Airport transportation option

East Japan Railways Company, or JR for short, accommodates Narita and Sōbu Lines to Tokyo station directly, called Narita Express. From Tokyo station onwards, it can be separated further based on the Shōnan–Shinjuku Line and Yokosuka Line.

There is also a rapid service train separate from Narita Express that goes to Tokyo Station, which makes 15 intermediate stops, making the trip a bit longer, 80 minutes instead of 55 minutes, by Narita Express.

For your information, it takes around 73 minutes to reach Shinjuku Station and 80 minutes to Ikebukuro Station by Narita Express.

Please refer to the link below for detailed information regarding which stations the train stops at and for JR-East train reservations.:


For guides and other helpful information regarding JR East, please refer to the link below:


Fee: $9,40 (Rapid service train)

3. Keisei Trains as the Best Narita Airport Transportation Option

Keisei train Narita Airport transportation option

Another notable train company that runs a train service from Narita Airport is Keisei Train. There are two lines across the Chiba Prefecture between Narita Airport and central Tokyo, the newer Keisei Narita Airport Line. The older Keisei Main Line also passes through Narita, Sakura, and Funabashi.

The fastest train is called the Skyliner, which connects Narita Airport to Tokyo. Each seat on the Skyliner must be reserved beforehand. However, if you want to go through the trouble of ordering a seat on this speedy train, you won’t be disappointed. This train can reach Noppori in 36 minutes and Keisei Ueno in 41 minutes. To reach Tokyo Station from Narita Airport, you can transfer once to Yamanote Line and be there in 50 minutes.

For Skyliner ticket reservation and other related information, please refer to the link below:


For the route map of Keisei Trains from Narita Airport Terminal 1 and 2, please refer to the link below:


Fee: $17,60 (Skyliner)

$10,26 (Airport Line <Morning Liner and Evening Liner>)

4. Buses

Bus at Narita Airport

If you don’t fancy heavily crowded transportation in which you might have to spend the trip standing up, you can also take many buses that are bound for various locations. Many express busses reach major stations, sightseeing spots, and hotel districts at regular intervals from Narita Airport. When given the option, buses are better when you’re traveling with plenty of baggage.

The limousine busses leave Narita Airport to Tokyo City Air Terminal in around 55-60 minutes. These busses also reach major hotels and railway stations in Greater Tokyo, anywhere from 35-120 minutes.

However, due to traffic jams, buses are likely much slower than trains. Fare-wise, there is little difference between the two. 

For the route of the busses, please check the link below:


And for information regarding bus stops at Narita Airport, you can check the link below:


You can also check the price and destination beforehand using the link below:


Fare: $9,26 (Conventional busses)

$23,51 (Limousine busses)

5. Taxi

Taxi at Narita Airport

What if you are more fond of personalized rides? Well, some taxis can get you to Tokyo or your preferred destinations. Taxis are the best transportation you can choose when you want to enjoy your ride privately and have little baggage. They are also relatively easy to spot since there is a taxi stand where you can find taxis easily at each terminal.

Taxis have their shortcomings as well. However, it takes around 60-90 minutes to reach Central Tokyo. Additionally, you may have to pay toll fees as they are not included in your trip fees, usually amounting to anywhere from $16 to $20.

Fee: Up to $285 to Central Tokyo

6. Airport Transfers

Airport transfer Narita Airport transportation option

Last but not least, there is an option for airport transfers. This service is similar to a taxi. However, the main difference is that you can book this service beforehand. Some of them have fixed prices that you can check ahead to compare all your options in transportation.

However, the main selling point of this service is that most of the drivers of the airport transfers are English-speaking drivers. So, when you are too occupied to learning Japanese on the fly before your busy schedule in Japan, this is a close-to-a-perfect choice for you.

Finally, the fee for this service is usually cheaper than taxi services since you can check the exact price before ordering it. In some services, you can find accommodation for up to 9 passengers and 15 baggage. A spacey arrangement is usually the weak point of the taxis.

Fee: Around $107 to Central Tokyo

Transportation is made easy at Narita Airport. Whatever you want, you can rest assured knowing that they can handle all your needs. After that’s taken care of, that’s one step less in planning your next trip to Japan. Don’t forget to check out Airpaz.com to see what flight offers we have just for you!


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