Enjoy the beautiful environment in Doi Ang Khang

Doi Ang Khang is a wonderful place where you can spend some time for relaxing. Only about 3 hours from Chiang Mai, the mountainous area will treat you with the cool climate and the beautiful surrounding scenery. Travelers can have kinds of activities to enjoy the beautiful natural environment, including seeing the local tribes with their unique activities on the hills.

Doi Ang Khang Nature Resort

Source: The Mosaic Collection

The Ang Khang Nature Resort is one of the accommodations to choose to make perfect you relax time at the mountainous place. It was the winner of Travel Asia Magazine’s Best Eco Resort.

Every room gets the beautiful view of the countryside and modern facilities, warm fireplace in the cold weather, and delicious cuisines with fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits from the surrounding farms.

The Environment-Friendly Nature Resort commits to giving the lowest impact on the environment. They separate the dry for recycling and the wet garbage for fertilizer making. The wastewater is also re-used to water the farms.

They also save the energy well by lowering the electricity consumption. The resort also employs the local people from the hill tribes for job training as another positive impact on the surroundings.

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Things to Do in Doi Ang Khang


There are many interesting things to do when you visit Doi Ang Khang, such as:

– Visit Royal Ang Khang Station Project

Royal Ang Khang is a research project for hill tribes surround the area to support their agricultural works. The station plants vegetables, fruits and beautiful flowers that can be purchased by the visitors.

– Explore the Nature

The first activity to choose is riding a mule. Mule is a traditional transportation to carry the agricultural crops through the villages. The mule riding starts from the Baan Khum Village, crosses the jungle and reaches the mountaintop with the view of Myanmar.

On the return way, it will pass through the Royal Ang Khang with the beautiful nature views. Besides, travelers also can enjoy trekking through the jungles of Doi Ang Khang, mountain biking around the nature resort, watching over 1000 species of birds at the Mae Phur Forest Station, exploring the caves and seeing the waterfalls.

– Watching the Cultural Performances

It is also great to watch the cultural performances of the ethnic groups when you travel to Doi Ang Khang. Their cultural traditions are unique and interesting to see.

Spending some days in Doi Ang Khang will be great to have some relax time. Write down Doi Ang Khang visit your list of destinations. Don’t forget to book the flight soon to the destination nearest airport. Use Airpaz to find the available flights and get the best prices on your traveling date.


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