Top 7 Beautiful Nature Resorts in Bali: No Photoshop Needed!

When it comes to Bali, the chance is, you’ll think of the tropical trips, culturally rich, and sun-soaked experiences. Offering so many exotic destinations and fun adventures, the island is apparently also affluent in terms of stunning, nature-themed resorts. The list below provides you with seven of the most stunning and cozy nature resorts in Bali to get you closer to Mother Nature.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Nature Resorts in Bali to Stay

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Bali is a perfect place to take a vacation, whether you’re interested in tranquil trips or adrenaline-inducing explorations. The island spoils its visitors with plenty of accommodation too. While the number of eco-friendly resorts in Bali is growing, here are some of the best you can try.

Camaya Bamboo House

Nature Resorts in Bali - camaya-bamboo-house
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As one of the most striking resorts in Bali, the Camaya located on Karangasem Regency offers panoramic views of green hills, rainforest, and rice terraces. This full-bamboo villa is surrounded wholly by the nature. It provides two bedrooms, open shower, and a separate kitchen for those who are staying in.

If you are interested in traveling around, the villa also provides convenience to let you rent scooters for free and roam around Bali. That being said, for those of you who are okay with a staycation, you can enjoy yourself and relax on the hammock, appreciate the view, or enroll in cooking or yoga class throughout your holiday.

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Hideout Bali

Nature Resorts in Bali - Hideout-Bali
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Are you thinking of having an exclusive trip and staying in secluded hotels in the forest? If your answer is yes, then Hideout Bali can be one of your options. Nested in the highlands of Gunung Agung, it offers all the privacy you are able to get.

The sheltered location is indeed unique, but it is not the sole charm of this place. Hideout’s structure was fully made out of handcrafted wood, thus it supports sustainability. It also boasts a water wheel that exclusively provides its electricity and water sources.

You are bound to feel at home while enjoying the cozy atmosphere. What’s more, is that compared to most resorts in Bali, it is available at such a modest price as well.

Anahata Villas & Spa Resort

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Anahata resort lies by being enclosed by lush rainforests, close by Petanu River. It seems clear that it was built based on envision of providing a natural haven for its visitor. The resort offers a total of 12 villas, where each comes with a feature of an individual plunge pool and an outstanding panorama. For those of you who prefer more intense workouts, the resort also offers a more massive swimming pool.

The villa is perfect if you want to stay for the honeymoon, but it is also ideal if you’re going to bring your family members, including children. There are loads of facilities and activities provided by the resort, including Bar & Lounge that offers drinks and live music, or free yoga classes on every weekend for anyone who want to join.

Maya Ubud

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Located in the midst of the Petanu River and the quieter side of Ubud, Maya Ubud is a 10-ha natural retreat with stunningly designed guest houses and villas with a private pool.

There are a lot of things you can do just by staying in: relaxing in the pool, strolling around the rice fields, joining yoga sessions, or getting a spa massage. The restaurant presents vast choices of Western and local dishes. Afterward, you can keep on with your workout by visiting the built-in tennis court or fitness center.

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Nirjhara was named after the iconic temple nearby that’s also located in the same area: Tanah Lot, Tabanan. It is one of the best luxury boutique hotels in Bali Indonesia that serves comfort by the surrounding evergreen jungle.

This hotel is a definite choice if you’re looking for a relaxing and peaceful place to stay, by facing directly to the cascades and a river, as well as the lush rice fields.

Green Village Bali

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Beyond modest resorts in Bali built on bamboo where visitors are making an escape from the crowded city, the Green Village offers a living community where individuals from across the world are connected by sharing a common interest in building more sustainable and greener places to live.

The Green Village is nested on the valley of the Ayung River. The 4 story building provides a total of three bedrooms, and every one of them comes with a private kitchen, dining area, en-suite bathroom, workspace, and a plunge pool.

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Padma Resort Ubud

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Deep-seated in Panayangan Ubud, Padma Resort is located in the north region of the island’s most celebrated cultural hub. The vast resort can be reached just by a 13-km trip from Ubud.

It is one of the resorts in Bali that serves 5-star facilities and amenities. Each of its 149 rooms provides exquisite views. Here, you can enjoy wonderful dining venues and an infinity swimming pool.

Everyone wants to make each of their travel remarkable. Staying at eco-friendly and nature-focused resorts in Bali will make the vacation memorable, aside from enjoying tasty culinary treats or delving into gorgeous tourist areas. provides reservation service of the best hotels in Bali along with flight booking convenience that you can also reach through its mobile application Airpaz.


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