Negeri Jiran, Malaysia

In addition to Indonesia, the country nicknamed Negeri Jiran can become a travel list abroad. It is because the land has the same season, natural beauty that is not inferior to other countries and much more.

Malaysia and Indonesia are only separated by Sabah and Sarawak so it is not surprising if you visit both countries will find some similarities. In addition to the number one tin and rubber producing country in the world, you can enjoy various tours with your family or loved ones.

Hanging out in Negeri Jiran, don’t just know the Petronas tower, but you have to visit various types of other tourist attractions. Guaranteed your vacation will be different and meaningful. Want to know more about tourism in Malaysia? Let’s learn about Negeri Jiran before going there.

All Things You Must Know about Malaysia Tourism

Go to kick your stress out, have the vacation with new experiences to make life more beautiful like the beauty of Negeri Jiran. You will get various types of entertainment and uniqueness from the culture, historical heritage, natural beauty and many crafts that you can bring as souvenirs. Of course, the trip will not be enjoyable if you don’t feel traditional Malaysia traditional food.

Geography Malaysia Tourism

“Malaysia, truly Asia”, it is slogan often heard on various social media or television. This slogan was made by the Malaysia tourism ministry to promote Malaysia as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Malaysia does have many interesting natural tourist locations because most areas in Malaysia are mountainous areas. Malaysia is divided into two parts: West Malaysia (southern part of the Malacca Peninsula) and East Malaysia (Sarawak and Sabah) on the northern part of Kalimantan Island.

West Malaysia

West Malaysia is part of the Malaysian state on the Malacca peninsula. Its territory which is part of the mainland Eurasia has many tourist destinations that are very interesting to visit not only by local tourists but also from all over the world. This western state has 12 state and 2 federal territories including Johor Darul Takzim, Kedah Darul Aman,Kelantan Darul Naim, Melaka Bandaraya Historic, Negeri Sembilan Special Darul, Pahang Darul Makmur, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Perlis Indera Kayangan, Penang Island, Pulau Mutiara, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Terengganu Darul Iman, Kuala Lumpur territory and Putrajaya territory.

1. Redang Island

Pulau Redang is famous for clear sea water, white sandy beaches, and tropical fish that inhabit the coral around the island. Tropical climate with an average temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius is also one of the main attractions for tourists who do not like winter in their respective countries. The most popular tourist activity on Redang Island is snorkelling because coral reefs around this island are very beautiful, even just a few meters from the beach you can already see tropical fish swimming among the rocks. The calm and warm water adds to the comfort of snorkelling so you will feel at home for a long time under the water.

2. Tioman Island

Tioman is an island located in the South China Sea and is a tourist spot in Malaysia which is famous for being beautiful and complete with a variety of tourist facilities. Tioman Island has a length of about 39 KM and a width of about 12 KM, with most of its territory covered by green and dense forests.

On this island, there are 8 villages, with the largest and most populous village called Kampung Tekek in the northern part of the island. In addition to the land that is full of forests, the seas around this island are also filled with beautiful coral reefs, so many diving tourism lovers who come to this place to dive and snorkel.


3. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is in the Titiwangsa Mountains which is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Malaysia. Built with the inspiration of the charms of parks in England, this beautiful plain offers charming landscape views with forests, lakes, wildlife and many outdoor activities. As the largest producer of tea and flowers in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands also has extensive and colourful tea and flower plantations. There are some of them that are open to the public and also include golf courses for golf sports lovers.


4. The Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur is the tallest building in the world before being defeated by the Taipei 1010 tower in 2004. However, this building is still the highest twin tower in the world to date. The 88-storey tower, the majority of which is built using concrete frames, with steel and glass facades designed to resemble the motifs found in Islamic calligraphy. Making it a reflection of the growing Islamic religion in Malaysia.

5. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque

The mosque which is also known as the Blue Mosque because of its dome which has a blue colour is the second largest mosque in the Southeast Asia region. There are two elements of architecture in the mosque which are said to have the largest mosque dome in the world. Islamic elements combined with Malay elements make this mosque so charming and soothing, not only to be seen but also comfortable to be used for worship.

6. Kek Lok Si Temple

Going to Air Itam, you will see a Buddhist temple named Kek Lok Si Temple. The building overlooking the sea has such an amazing charm. This Buddhist monastery was built around 1890 to 1930 with many detailed carvings and ornaments. And become one of the most important Buddhist religious centres in Southeast Asia. Also mentioned if Kek Lok Si temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia that attracts tourists, especially Buddhists from all over the world.

East Malaysia Tourism

East Malaysia is an area of the Malaysian state on the island of Borneo and consists of two states namely Sabah and Sarawak and a Labuan federation area. And in the eastern region of Malaysia, there are also many tourist destinations that are equally interesting with East Malaysia

1. Taman Negara National Park

It’s known throughout the world as the oldest tropical rainforest ever. And in this place, you can choose a lot of tourist destinations such as ecotourism by exploring the jungle of this Borneo rainforest. There are so many exotic faunae that live wild in this forest, such as Malaya Tigers, Asian elephants and Sumatran Rhinos. One of the things most often liked by travellers who visit Taman Negara is to take a walk on the Canopy Walk, which is a long and tall suspension bridge that connects the treetops which will provide close observation of exotic fauna.

2. Gunung Mulu National Park

Famous for its extraordinary limestone karst rock formations and phenomenal natural caves,  Mount Mulu National Park is one of the most amazing natural tours in all of Southeast Asia. Located in Sarawak State, East Malaysia, this national park has many of the largest and longest natural caves in the world. One of the best-known caves is the Sarawak Chamber, which is estimated to be able to accommodate Boeing 747 aircraft.


3. Sarawak Cultural Village

It is at the foot of the peaceful Mount Santubong, which is a real museum. Where visitors can find all the ethnic groups in Sarawak in the same place and can experience and learn about their culture, clothing, traditions, dance and home. Even though in Sabah and also in Indonesia there are similar things but at least when you visit East Malaysia, take the time to experience a different experience in this place.

4. Sibu Island

It includes a group of islands in a national marine park located in the territorial waters of Johor, Malaysia. There is so much amazing natural beauty that is hard to resist on one of the beautiful islands in East Malaysia. Maybe visitors prefer to swim in a private pool at a luxury resort, but who can resist swimming and snorkelling among the colours of coral reefs and marine biota on Sibu Island? It feels like the island of Sibu is more tempting.

Popular Tourism City in Malaysia

Having the vacation to Malaysia is impossible to reach for a week to visit all the tours there. This is what causes you to find information about popular cities that have various types of tourism. There are several popular cities that you can visit when enjoying a vacation.

1. Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia can be the preferred destination for you all who want to try abroad trips for the first time. Various types of transportation can be obtained easily and cheaply, so you will be comfortable while on the road. Malaysian city mother, Kuala Lumpur, has many tourist attractions, shopping, history to culinary that is interesting for you to explore. In terms of culture, Kuala Lumpur is not much different from Indonesia to be suitable for first-time foreign tourists.

However, going to Kuala Lumpur just stopped at the Petronas Tower in Bukit Bintang not exciting. In addition to the frequency of being visited, what makes it a lot to come from going to mainstream tourist attractions is the number of people who all play in one place. For you all having often been to Kuala Lumpur and want to go to a place that is not widely known to other tourists.


For you, all wanting to have merchandise, a warren of boutiques, handicraft get all in Sentral Market nicknamed Pasar Seni. It’s built in 1928 is a short walk away from Petaling Street, along Hang Kasturi Street

2. Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru is a city in the southern part of Malaysia. For some tourists, Johor Bahru often becomes an alternative from Kuala Lumpur when wanting to travel to Malaysia. The advantage of Johor Bahru as a tourist spot is its location very close to Singapore, making it easier for tourists who want to visit Singapore and Malaysia at the same time in one trip.

  • Legoland
  • Little Paris
  • Senibong Cove
  • Istana Bukit Serene
  • JB Old Town
  • Johor Premium Outlets

Having vacation in Johor Bahru will be more enjoyable if you taste various types of traditional food there. You will look at various foods there, but one that must be tasted is toasted bread and a cup of coffee. There you can find the oldest bakeries in Malaysia is Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory.

3. Malacca

Malacca was the capital of the Malacca Sultanate in ancient times. The city has a lot of historical value because this city was formerly colonized by three countries namely Portuguese, Dutch and English. Therefore if you visit Malacca you can see old buildings that are still solid that were made during the colonial era. Melaka greatly benefits from the west wind and east wind.

During the east wind season, traders from China came to Melaka while traders from Gujarat India returned. On the contrary, during the west wind season, the Chinese traders returned home, while from Gujarat India came to Melaka to trade. Because of this strategic place, Melaka is the centre of trade in Southeast Asia.

Many traders eventually settled and settled in Melaka. It was noted that there were Europeans who had occupied this Melaka City, namely Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and English. Melaka City also adapted and developed to get the World Heritage City title from UNESCO.


  • Coral Wonderland Malacca
  • Cheng Ho’s Cultural Museum
  • Baba-Nyonya Heritahe Museum
  • A’famosa Resort
  • A’Famosa
  • Freeport A’Famosa Outlet
  • Malacca Planetarium Adventure Science Centre
  • Malacca Crocodile Farm
  • Melacca Wonderland Theme Park & Resort
  • Taman Mini ASEAN

Food that you do not forget is Tandoori or tandoori chicken is food originating from Punjab. Tandoori Chicken consists of chicken that has been soaked in thick Asan milk which is seasoned flavoured with salt masala – garlic, ginger, chilli, various kinds of Indian pepper and turmeric which gives colour to Tandoori Chicken. Tandoori chicken is traditionally cooked in an underground oven

4. Kuching

In Malaysia, there are several tourist attractions included in the list of interesting tourist attractions such as tourist attractions in Eastern Europe, or other tourist attractions. Malaysian tourism has some very interesting types to continue to visit. One of them is a tourist spot in Kuching Malaysia which has a good city arrangement. Kuching City is well-known as a tourist attraction in Malaysia that is tidy, neat, clean, so anyone who stops in this city will not immediately feel tired or bored.

Every tourist can feel comfortable as if he were at a tourist spot in Paris France. As you know Paris is a city famous for its architectural beauty and art, Kuching may not be exactly like that, but its cleanliness promises comfort. If you don’t mind to see other similarities, maybe it could be equated with beauty in the area of tourist attractions in Japan that always provides trash cans on almost every street corner to make people remember not to litter.


  • Cat Museum
  • Kuching Wetlands National Park
  • Mount Santubong
  • Sarawak Orchid Garden
  • Wind Cave
  • Kuching Waterfront
  • Sarawak cultural village
  • Bako National Park

For you who like shopping, Main Bazar in Kuching can be visited. There are antiques, handicrafts and souvenirs that you can buy to remind you of your trip to this city.

Transportation in Malaysia

1. Bus

There are thousands of modern and luxurious city buses that fill the highways in Malaysia and small towns every day. And this is the way Malaysia residents travel. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get rates and schedules via the internet website, but you can get it easily when you arrive in Malaysia. And you don’t need the most down payment for booking a route (except before / on holiday). Here are some examples of routes, fares and travel time from Kuala Lumpur to many cities.

2. Cars

If you are an experienced driver and want the freedom to travel, please consider renting a car in Malaysia. Renting a car in Malaysia is very easy, with a large number of car rental companies available, you have a large selection of prices.

3. Trains

Railway transportation services in Malaysia are slightly slower than buses but provide more seating and comfort. Most trains in Malaysia are older and relatively slow, but still useful and reasonably priced.

4. Plane

Malaysia Airlines provides flights between large cities that are convenient for long trips but relatively more expensive than domestic flights that serve routes between popular tourist destinations. Other flights are Air Asia, Berjaya Air and Transmile Air. Click here to find cheap flight tickets to Malaysia.

National Holiday in Malaysia

For national holidays there are similarities with those of neighbouring countries, Indonesia. New Year, Eid al-Adha, Federal Territory Day, Chinese New Year, Hijriyah New Year, Maulid Nabi Muhammad S.A.W., Labor Day, Vesak, King’s Birthday, Deepavali National Day, Eid al-Fitr, Christmas Feast.

Some Favourite Food in Malaysia

Are you ready to travel to Malaysia? Have you prepared everything you need for a vacation in Negeri Jiran? About food in Malaysia, you don’t need to worry because generally Malaysian dishes have flavours that are not much different from typical Indonesian dishes. Before visiting Malaysia, note some Malaysian specialities that make tourists addicted

1. Har Kuey Teow

Have you ever eaten Chinese Food called Ta Mi Goreng? Well, the Har Kuey Teow is almost the same appearance as Ta Mi Goreng, you know. However, the texture of this dry noodle is smaller than Ta Mi. Sang Har Kuey Teow is a kind of vermicelli that is fried dry and doused with a bald broth mixed with eggs. To add to the enjoyment, this dish is also served with fresh shrimp cooked with gravy.


2. Chi Chong Fan

Well, this one is Cantonese food. However, this food is also widely sold in Malaysia. Chi Chong Fan is a kind of rolled noodles and served with special sauce and chilli sauce. This food is commonly used as an appetizer. In addition, Chi Chong Fan is also often found in the Yam Cha and Dim Sum menus in some Chinese restaurants.

3. Martabah

What is on your mind when you hear the name ‘Murtabah’? Do you think that Murtabah is a food very similar to an egg martabak? Yes, the appearance and method of cooking Murtabak are the same as the egg martabak that is commonly sold in Indonesia.

4. Asam Laksa Penang

If Singapore has a typical laksa food menu, Malaysia also has the same dish with the name Asam Laksa Penang. This food menu consists of noodles or vermicelli which is doused with a thick spicy sour sauce. Then, this dish is topped with fresh mackerel fish, lettuce, pineapple, cucumber and chilli. Finally, Asam Laksa Penang is a combination of Chinese cuisine with Malay. This food has a spicy taste that is fresh and certainly very tasty. For you fans of spicy cuisine, of course, you can’t miss this one culinary.


5. Palak Paneer

This one is also widely sold by Indian merchants. Palak Paneer is a green curry sauce. Why is it green? Because this curry sauce is processed with fresh spinach. In addition, the curry sauce is also given additional goat cheese. Palak Paneer is usually eaten with Indian bread, such as chapatis or bhaturas. Although the appearance of this dish may be a little strange, it feels guaranteed to make you addicted.

6. Air Batu Campur

Is Upin & Ipin’s favourite drink when visiting Uncle Muthu’s shop? Yes, mixed stone water! Drinks that are at a glance similar to ice mixed or ice teler in Indonesia is one of the typical drinks of the neighbouring country that you should not miss.

This drink consists of shaved ice added with red beans, gelatin, kolang kaling, nata de coco, cendol, and other ingredients. Sometimes, ice cream and durian are also included in it so it is often shortened to ABCD (Air Batu Campur Durian). Mixed stone water is also known as ais kacang in Singapore because the red beans are the main topping of this drink. If you are overheating, then this drink is a must for you to taste.


Malaysia Souvenirs

For you all who are travelling to Malaysia, of course, you don’t want to miss out on hunting by unique and famous people. In addition to Malaysian specialities that are worth a try while on vacation in this neighbouring country, this item should not be missed. If you are interested in having the vacation on Malaysia, never forget to buy something for being souvenirs

1. Kebaya

Kebaya not only exists in Indonesia but in neighbouring countries, Malaysia, also has a kebaya called Kebaya Baba Nyonya. Although it is almost similar to kebaya in Indonesia, namely making batik as a partner, but there are differences in the style and colour. As we know, in the homeland kebaya tends to be darker in colour but has more patterns. Whereas the lady’s baba has a general pattern of animals and plants along the neck to the button. Traditional clothing that presents Malay and Chinese culture can be easily found in shops throughout the Rumah Merah or Stadthuys area.

2. Snow Globe

The snow globe is a ball made of transparent glass and inside there is a miniature of something and sometimes can remove snow inside. These miniatures can be in the form of icons from a country, animated figures, community figures, artists, so they can take the form of a Christmas attribute. At the bottom of the ground glass, there is a cushion to support glass bottles that are usually decorated with a certain shape.

3. Chocolate

The best chocolate in the world is not separated from two European countries, Belgium and the Netherlands, who are able to provide chocolate with maximum delicacy. But if you want to taste delicious chocolate but close to Indonesia, Malaysia is the answer.

There is a reason why chocolate in Malaysia is mandatory for you to buy as souvenirs for Malaysian snacks. Chocolate there ranks fifth as the best chocolate in the world and first place if it is the best in Asia.

4. Wau

Wau is a kind of large kite that is often played by being flown and threaded so that it can be easily lowered or set height. Although initially only played by people inland, but now you have played many people, there is even a festival. The material is bamboo which is made into a Wau frame and then given a cloth and glued with glue

5. Plaits

It is indeed spread in almost all of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia which both have their own webbing. Woven has even been around for 300 years ago using natural materials that can be woven, namely bamboo, pandanus, rattan, and other materials. Plain plaits are made to meet human needs, even can be used as a display or home decoration.

6. Songket

Malaysian Songket is a fabric made using cotton fabric with various styles and colours. Songket itself is usually worn on certain occasions, especially during religious events such as Eid. But it can also be worn when performing arts and performing Malay culture. The colour is elegant and pleasing to the eye and comfortable to wear, making a lot of enthusiasts.

7. Lego

Lego is a kind of colourful boxes that can be arranged into certain figures, buildings, to any object. This toy is not from Malaysia, but from Denmark. However, the only Legoland in Southeast Asia is in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia. This toy is very popular and rather expensive. When visiting Malaysia, take your time to stop by Legoland. There you can also buy some Lego toys to give to family or friends.

8. Brooch

One choice of typical Malaysian souvenirs that is beautiful and does not burden your baggage when you return to Indonesia is bros. Yes, brooches are accessories that are usually worn on clothes or veils.

It’s easy to find a brooch in some places in Malaysia. Brooches sold in Malaysia are mostly designed specifically for women. So, you can buy this Malaysian brooch for your mother, wife, or friend and sister. The price also varies depending on the design and the place where you bought the brooch.

Malaysia Culture

Malaysia is one of the countries considered important and has a significant role in the Southeast Asian region. Its cultural character is strongly influenced by Indian and Chinese culture, as well as internal Malaysian society increasingly influenced by other cultures from Europe, Arabia and Persia. Likewise, the fact that cultural multiculturalism in Malaysia certainly cannot be separated from the British Empire, which once colonized it and until now Malaysia is part of the British Commonwealth.

The most striking characteristic of Malaysians is their diversity: ethnicity, language, cultural obedience, religion, and food. It is a complicated mix, which is evident in showing off the culture of targeting tourists but is not obvious in everyday life, from the hustle and bustle of language to clothing and rituals.

Malaysia has a mix of 3 cultures consisting of Malay, Chinese and Indian. Of course, the celebration of religious holidays is one of the charms offered by Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur always prays when welcoming the religious holiday.

1. Chinese New Year

You know that it is a big day for Chinese people. When ahead of the feast, almost all corners of Kuala Lumpur will preen. In the Chinatown area will hold various interesting events and also introduce a distinctive Chinese culture. Like Barongsai and also delicious and delicious culinary offerings.

2. Christmas

Every December 25, Christians and Catholics celebrate Jesus’ birthday. And Kuala Lumpur also enlivened this holiday with self-decorated. A large Christmas tree and also filled with beautiful twinkling lights will be the view you will see. And for shopping tourism fans, large discounts are always given by shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur.

3. Deepavali

The Deepavali or Diwali religious festival is a religious festival for Hindus. And here the visitors can see the houses of adherents of Hinduism decorated with candles, oil lamps that look more exotic. If you are on holiday to Kuala Lumpur on that date, there is no harm in trying to see the Diwali celebration.


4. Eid Al-Fitr

While the celebration of Eid al-Fitr is no less fascinating. What’s interesting is that during the month of Ramadan, there is a night market from breaking the fast until before the dawn. A variety of delicious Malay food is served and ready to tempt the tongue. And at the feast day, several shopping centres and hotels also serve a variety of Malay specialities which are served specifically when the holiday arrives.

5. Mid -Autumn Festival

While the Mid -Autumn Festival is a well-known Chinese cultural event. At this festival, visitors can see various lanterns displayed around the Chinatown area. For this year, the mid-autumn Festival will be held on September 27.

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6. Thaipusam

While the Thaipusam program is an event for followers of Hinduism which is presented to Dewa Subramanian who is in the tourist area of Batu Caves. This event is a routine festival every year.

Don’t go to Malaysia for sight-seeing and taking pictures in the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur only, because many various types of other tourist attractions have to be visited. You can choose natural tourist attractions. And enjoy your vacation with many various traditional foods and get your souvenirs for getting home.

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