Landing in New Delhi Airport, Here is What the Terminals Offer

An international airport such as New Delhi Airport has a few terminals with different purposes and also various facilities and services to accomodate your needs. Let’s find out which terminal you’ll be landing at if you fly to the airport and what you can find while visiting the airports!

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1

New Delhi Airport Terminals - Terminal 1

Terminal 1 was the first terminal in New Delhi Airport when it was once built. Since it is considered the oldest one, this terminal handles domestic flights with low cost carriers.

This terminal is divided into several parts for arrivals and departures: Arrivals T1C and Departures T1D. Arrivals T1C is where you find transportation and others, and Departures T1D is for you to check-in and pass through security before boarding.

  • Facilities and Services

In Terminal 1, there are different services and facilities provided by the airport. Even though it is only serving domestic flights, Terminal 1 has its own lounge for you to rest while waiting for your flights. It is called Encalm Lounge, located at Terminal 1D. Like most lounges, Encalm Lounge provides food & beverages and entertainment for you.

Besides the lounge, Terminal 1 has a prayer room, public phone, smoking room, and even porter service. Although you are flying around India, you will surely be treated well!

  • Restaurants/Shops

Even though Terminal 1 is the oldest one, there are different shops for you to hop from one to another. Looking for food and snacks? Krispy Kreme and Baker Street are on the left wing of Terminal 1. If you want to spend on some luxury goods, there are Tommy Hilfiger, Samsonite, and even Swarovski!

New Delhi Airport Terminal 2

New Delhi Airport Terminals - Terminal 2

Terminal 2 of New Delhi International Airport is similar to the Terminal 1 as it is the platform for domestic flights as well. However, this terminal is much bigger compared to the oldest one. It is claimed that this terminal can hold up to 12 million people. There are also more departures and arrivals spots compared to Terminal 1.

  • Facilities and Services

The facilities and services in New Delhi Airport Terminal 2 are more or less the same as the ones in Terminal 1. However, the lounge in Terminal 2 is of a higher class compared to the lounge in Terminal 1. It’s named Plaza Premium Lounge, and it’s located in the departure area. The lounge has Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks, and entertainments.

Just like Terminal 1, this another terminal has the same service, starting from the washroom, ATM, drinking water, and many more public services to assist your waiting for your flight. Of course, your experience in the New Delhi Airport terminal will be much more comfortable with these facilities.

  • Restaurants/Shops

Having restaurants and some outlets to shop is a must in an airport terminal. They could kill the waiting time for you! So, the New Delhi Airport Terminal 2 has a similar solution for you to pass time.

If you are looking for medicines, of course, there are pharmacies. Or if you just want to spend the kaching, there are different shops for you to enter, Delcies, Olfactive, W, and others.

After strolling around, your stomach grumbles, which indicates that it’s time for you to hunt for food. No worries, Terminal 2 has a wide variety of food to choose from, such as Subway, Pizza Hut, Indian Food, and even cafes.

New Delhi Airport Terminal 3

New Delhi Airport Terminals - Terminal 3

Last but not least is the New Delhi Airport Terminal 3. This terminal is the newest and biggest one as it serves both domestic and international level. Its place is divided into 5 levels.

The ground level is for domestic arrivals, first level for domestic departures (section C and D), and international departures (section A and B). The second level is the restaurants and lounges, while the third and fourth levels are dedicated for airport lounges only. Finally, the top floor is for the airport hotel.

  • Facilities and Services

Becoming one of the biggest terminals, New Delhi Airport Terminal 3 has a different type of services and facilities, such as the numerous lounges spread across the building.

If you are looking for a more affordable choice of lounge while waiting for your flight, Plaza Premium Lounge is for you. They have the lounges in the arrivals and domestics/international departure sections.

For a more luxurious experience, there are Air India Majarah Lounge that even provides showers, The American Express Lounge with premium food, Allways Lounge that serves liquors, and The Emirates Lounge with special offers.

  • Restaurants/Shops

This Terminal 3 has the most variety of restaurants and shops for you to enjoy. The only Duty Free shop can be found in this New Delhi Airport terminal. This terminal also has some luxurious brands such as Victoria Secret, Body Shop, Birkenstock, Steve Madden, Pandora and many more. Meanwhile, you can also check out the different varieties of food choices, starting from coffee like Starbucks to fast food like McDonald’s and KFC.

Inter-terminal Transports

New Delhi Airport Terminals - Inter-terminal transports

Although the New Delhi Airport has many terminals, they also provide comfortable access to each terminal. Even if you are landing in Terminal 2 and would love to explore Terminal 3, you can simply take the shuttle bus which is available every 20 minutes. What’s more, this shuttle bus operates 24/7, so you don’t have to worry if you arrive late at night or early at dawn.

Now that you are familiar with the New Delhi Airport Terminal, make sure you note down the places you would love to visit in the terminal of your preference and don’t get lost! If you haven’t booked your flight, check out to get a special deal for your flight.


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