Your Ultimate New Delhi Airport Transportation Guide

You might have your itinerary all planned out, or maybe you know which places you have to visit during your visit to New Delhi, India. But do you know how you’ll leave the airport and get to your accommodation? Let’s find out some facts about this method of transportation at the airport!

New Delhi Airport Transportation

Travelers have a wide range of options for transportation to and from the New Delhi airport.
Knowing about the transportation options available at Indian airports, particularly New Delhi, is essential if you plan to visit India and want to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Here is the list of the available New Delhi Airport transportation for hassle-free travel to and from the New Delhi Airport.

1. Delhi Metro Train

Metro train New Delhi Airport Transportation

Delhi Metro Train is a train with a high speed of transportation. If you want to head to the heart of New Delhi city, using this train is the fastest way to get to your destination. In just 20 minutes you will arrive in the city of New Delhi.

This train also connects to 3 other terminals. To be able to use this train, passengers must purchase a ticket that can be accessed through the ticket issuing machine installed at Terminal 3 for domestic arrivals and Terminal 2 for international arrivals.

Convenient, isn’t it? You only need to sit tight and wait for the arrival at the airport.

If you are interested in knowing more about this transportation method, you can access the airport metro page for detailed information.

2. Railway

Railway station New Delhi Airport transportation

The railway is another convenient New Delhi Airport transportation method for traveling around India. Unfortunately, the Delhi Airport is not directly connected to the Indian rail network. Taking the train might not even be the best option if you have a lot of baggage with you.

Before you get discouraged from taking the train, you can visit the airport railway page to find out about the routes and how to take the train. Who knows, it might work in your favor.

3. Taxi

Taxi New Delhi Airport Transportation

If you don’t like getting on public transportation, there’s always a taxi available to bring you to your destination. The journey by taxi can take longer because the travel time can be affected by various situations on the road. For example, if you take a taxi to the city of New Delhi, it may take 10 minutes longer than using the metro train.

When taking a taxi, it’s better to use a prepaid taxi compared to the metered one. To be able to use a prepaid taxi, all you need to do is go to the taxi counter to get a ticket. Prepaid taxis are recommended to avoid being cheated by irresponsible parties.

You can access the this New Delhi Airport transportation on the airport taxi page.

4. Car Rental

Rental Car New Delhi Airport transportation

Renting a car in New Delhi is the best choice if you plan to explore and travel around New Delhi a lot. It’s especially useful if you travel in a group, and you can chat while listening to a song!

It’s recommended that you rent a car online because if you do a direct rental, the charged rates can be more expensive. If you are interested in using this car rental service, you can visit the airport car rental page to order.

That’s about a glimpse of New Delhi Airport transportation that you can choose from. Plan your transportation of choice ahead, and you definitely won’t be feeling lost at the airport after you arrive. If you haven’t booked your flight ticket, you can always check out to see the available flights and deals.

Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to check out other information on our blog! Stay safe!


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