New Year Vacation Recommended Place to Go

Spending the last days of the year with your loved ones will create a better bonding effect – not to mention that you can break free from the regular routine while making unforgettable memories with them. There are some great places to visit for new year, along with the fun activities you can do together. So, where should you go during the new year Vacation?

Rio de Janeiro

New Year Vacation - Rio De Janeiro

Not only Rio is popular for the Carnival, but it is also known for the New Year celebration. Copacabana Beach is the host for wildest and also biggest party for the new year, accommodating more than two million people. Before the New Year Eve, you can enjoy dances and live music performances all over the city. Don’t forget that the holiday atmosphere is in the air, creating a relaxed and yet lively effect. During the New Year Eve, the locals will dress in white – from top to toe – because they believe that white brings in good luck. They also toss flowers to the ocean, believing that they gift the goddess of the sea, Yemanjá. You can witness this unique event only in Rio during the New Year Vacation.


New Year Vacation - Edinburg Hogmanay

The city has the so-called Hogmanay as a part of their annual celebration. It means ‘the year’s last day’ although the celebration itself will last to 3 days. It will start on the 30th of December. They have the torchlight procession throughout the city. It leads to fireworks and then the street parties, including Kelidh and outdoor concerts. Kelidh is the traditional Celtic celebration that is usually done in the open air. The peak of the celebration usually happens at Edinburgh Castle with fireworks. On the next day, you can witness dog sledge competition at Holyrood Park or even take part in the River Forth dive. The last one is the unique annual tradition where people would dive into the ice-cold water. The whole day will be filled with celebrations, such as Scot: Lands the multivenue art and music festival, and also the charity event in the Loony Dook parade.

Las Vegas

New Year Vacation - Las Vegas

Vegas is the city that never sleeps, but it is going to be more intense with the new year celebration. The Strip will be closed for any vehicle but it will never be empty because pedestrians will roam the area. Casinos will be open all night long and entertainments will never stop. If you are looking for a non-stop entertainment, this would be the best place to visit. Even before the celebration, you can go to Stratosphere Tower to take a look at the city. You can also reserve a place for High Roller Ferris Wheel so you can watch the city while enjoying yourself. There are places where you can enjoy the city with your family and kids so it is time to explore the city – but don’t do it during the eve.

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New Year Vacation - Viena Hofburg Palace

The main attraction during the New Year Even will take place in Hofburg Palace but there are other places to visit even before the celebration. You can come to Christmas markets for delightful shopping. When it’s time for the party, head to Silvesterpfad located in the city centre. You can also watch the Philharmonic’s concert at Rathaus or the City Hall.

Disney World

New Year Vacation - Disney World

There are several Disney Worlds, like in Europe, Japan, and America, and they are all offering the same excitement during new year celebration: a chance to get together with your loved ones while having fun! The theme park may not be open 24/7 but it opens to 1 AM. You can take part in the dance parties or confetti explosion or you can watch live entertainments, including Cirque du Soleil. Don’t forget that they also have parades, various arcades, and also laser show.

Be sure to plan ahead and make an early reservation because the prices will go up during the new year. If you are planning your flights for your new year vacation, come to Airpaz to plan your flight reservation. Do it early or you will miss out the interesting offers!

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