Ngetun Beach of Yogyakarta: A Hidden Gem or A Rising Star?

Ngetun beach may not be that popular when compared to other beaches, like Parangtritis and Indrayanti. It is one among many beaches lined up in the southern part of Yogyakarta, to be exact in the regency of Gunung Kidul. Compared to those more popular beaches, this one can be considered a ‘rising star’ although it can also be thought of as a hidden gem. Wondering what to explore on this beach? Find out your answer in this article below.

Ngetun Beach, a Flanked Coast in the Southern Part of Yogyakarta


Besides having a lot of cultural heritage to share with its visitors, Yogyakarta’s natural attractions are also so mesmerizing. One of them is what we are going to discover today: Ngetun beach. What does this beach have to offer?

• Bordered and it looks like a ‘private’ and ‘remote’ beach

Its coastline may not be that long as in other beaches since it is bordered by two huge hills. But being apparently full of obstacles seems to make this beach more alluring to visit—for some people.

• Divinely serene

Looking for a serene nuance? Even from its picture, you can imagine how serene it is to spend time in Pantai Ngetun—the Indonesian name for this beach. Azure blue from the sea, forest green from the surrounding lushes, and the white sandy beach make a perfect pictorial of a heavenly tropical getaway. It is definitely an excellent spot to visit to unwind from a hectic urban life.

• Fierce wave, yet not enough to surf

It’s not your typical southern beach with a strong wave suitable for pro surfers. If you are looking for it, Bali beaches are the choice. This one, instead, offers a strong yet unsurfable, making it only challenging for swimming, especially if you love to tackle waves.

You may swim in this area, but no one will ensure your safety. All things said, it’s better to play it safe. Consider taking a dip in areas nearby while visiting Ngetun Beach, although the waves can be so inviting.

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• A ‘multifunctioning’ beach

You can enjoy Pantai Ngetun Gunung Kidul for relaxation, sightseeing, or photography. You won’t get enough spots to capture here. From its gigantic hills (which are climbable) to its bushes nearby, all of these will make a great catch for your camera. Just make sure to spare some large memory capacity.

• Sea creatures are just a few steps away

The sea in front of this beach is the home of various unique sea creatures, from seagulls to jellyfishes, from turtles to hermit crabs. You may not be able to see the creatures directly by diving (you know, the waves in Gunung Kidul are definitely a not-to-go). However, you may see small creatures and seagulls while sitting on the beach.

• Camping is doable

Do you want to experience enjoying the night on this beach? Get your tent and be one of a few people who have camped on Ngitun beach. Since this beach is not open for tourists for 24 hours a day, you should inform the management if you wish to stay overnight in Ngitun beach.

• Magnificent sunset awaits

Sunsets are not only great when seen from Bali, but this southern Yogyakarta beach also offers its place as a perfect place to witness how afternoon turns to night. This is one of the reasons why some people are deciding to stay overnight at this beach, we bet.

• Starry sky to gaze

Being an unspoiled beach makes Ngetun beach free from excessive light. Even it can be said that the light here stays minimum, hence it is why stars seem to be easier to find.

Stargazing with your loved one? That sounds like a great idea. Or, if you are head over heels with milky way shots, places with such minimum light like this one are a great place to start hunting long-exposure photos. Just ensure that you’ve prepared your best gear to catch the star trails.

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How to reach this beach?


It is relatively easy to go to this beach. The prime city you need to reach is Yogyakarta, and flights to this city are available from many departure spots. Then, you can rent a car (and a driver if you are bad at reading maps) to drive you here. Public transportation is not recommended since it’d be difficult for you to come back to the city.

From Yogyakarta, you’ll need to go to Gunung Kidul. Online maps can be relied on while visiting this place, but if you stumbled upon confusion, never hesitate to ask the locals for some assistance.

No entrance fees are charged to enter Ngetun beach, so far. However, you need to pay a minimum amount of money for the parking fee, which is Rp3.000,00 per motorcycle/scooter and Rp5.000,00 per car.

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