Enjoying October in Japan

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In October, in Japan is going in autumn. In Japan, this season will provide freshness and a comfortable feeling for tourists, as well as delicious food. Autumn in Japan generally occurs for 3 months from September to November.

Entering the month of October, temperatures during the day between 19 to 23 degrees Celsius, while in the morning and evening ranged from 14 to 23 degrees Celsius. This month the weather is still relatively bright. The air is refreshing and comforting.

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For travellers who will visit Japan in October, we have collected useful information for you, including:

• Flower Color Changes
Can be said autumn in Japan is the best time to see the flower colour changes to autumn leaves are reddish or yellow or commonly called Momiji. Since Japan is long enough, you can enjoy it slowly from north to south. Japan’s shape extends from north to south. Because of its shape, the beginning of autumn is not the same in each region.

The leaves in the northern area turn red and fall first. Southern area followed. Northern Hokkaido is in autumn from late September to mid-October, the eastern Tokyo from mid-November, Osaka, which lies to the west from mid-November to the end of November, Kyoto, which is also in the west from late November until the beginning of the month December.


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• Serving Delicious Food
In autumn, in Japan, many delicious meals are served. The Japanese have a tradition of serving Sauri roast in autumn because in this season many Sauri fish. In addition to fruits such as wine, pears, and persimmon. Autumn in Japan is also a season of ingredients used in traditional Japanese cuisines, such as chestnut, matsutake mushrooms, and ginkgo nuts. Then, the rice that had just been harvested in autumn, by the Japanese referred to as the “new seeds” of fragrant, shimmering, sweetness is very different, as well as other food items became valuable as a remarkable supper.


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• Autumn Apparel
In October, if the weather is good throughout the day, it’s better to use a long-sleeved shirt, but need to wear a thin sweater or jacket during cold morning and evening.

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